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2.5 mm Cable Prices in Nigeria

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Electricity has undeniably become an integral part of our daily lives, serving myriad purposes from illuminating homes and offices to powering appliances and equipment. However, the unsung heroes behind this electrifying experience are the essential electrical cables, with the 2.5 mm variant playing a crucial role in various projects undertaken by individuals, private companies, and government bodies. In this blog post, we aim to unravel the mystery of 2.5 mm cables, delving into their significance and providing a detailed insight into their prices in Nigeria.

2.5 mm Cable Prices in Nigeria:

Understanding the cost of materials is paramount when embarking on any electrical project. In Nigeria, there are numerous reputable electrical cable manufacturers, each offering their own range of 2.5 mm cables. To assist you in navigating the market, we’ve compiled a list of some noteworthy options along with their respective prices:

  1. Doncaster 2.5mm 3core flex cables per meter: From ₦1,265
  2. Doncaster 2.5 mm four-core copper wire: From ₦58,000
  3. Doncaster 2.5mm pure copper single Core cable(100metres): From ₦12,100
  4. Prysmian 2.5 mm four-core flexible copper wire: From ₦39,950
  5. Prysmian 2.5 mm single core flexible copper wire: From ₦9,150
  6. Prysmian 2.5 mm three-core flexible copper wire: From ₦28,000
  7. Coleman 2.5 mm single core copper wire: From ₦25,000
  8. Vecan 2.5 mm single core copper wire: From ₦23,100
  9. Nigerchin 2.5 mm single core copper wire: From ₦22,500
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Choosing Cables for Electrical Projects:

Selecting the right cables for your electrical projects is a critical decision. Here are some factors to consider when making this choice:

  1. Inductance:
    • Opt for cables with low inductance for a higher flow of current.
  2. Capacitance:
    • Choose cables with low capacitance for enhanced performance, especially at high frequencies.
  3. Voltage:
    • Consider the voltage rating of an electrical cable, which is directly proportional to its insulation thickness.
  4. Resistance:
    • Prioritize cables with minimal or no resistance for efficient transmission of alternating current.
  5. Current Carrying Capacity:
    • Determine the current carrying capacity based on your project’s requirements, understanding that larger cable sizes can transmit more current.
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2.5 mm electrical cables are the unsung heroes of countless projects, powering our modern world. Understanding their significance and selecting the right cable based on key factors like inductance, capacitance, voltage, resistance, and current carrying capacity is crucial for the success of any electrical endeavor. As prices may vary, always stay informed and consult reliable sources for the latest updates in the market. Happy wiring!

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