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Bottled Water Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, the bottled water business has surged in popularity, becoming a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs. Central to this industry’s success is the essential equipment known as the “bottled water machine.” In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the costs associated with these machines in Nigeria, shedding light on key factors to consider when making a purchase.

Bottled Water Machine Prices in Nigeria

The bottled water machine market in Nigeria offers a range of options, each differing in capacity. This refers to the number of bottles a machine can fill per hour. Below are some insights into the prices of various bottled water machines:

  1. Automatic Bottled Water Machine – N3.2 million to N4 million
    • Automatic bottling line
    • 12 washing heads, 12 filling heads, single capping machine
    • Conveyor line
  2. Water Bottling Machine – N7.5 million to N8.5 million
    • Monobloc 8-8-3
    • 3000 bottles per hour
    • Suitable for bottles between 50CL and 1.5L
    • Designed for hygienic water production
  3. Automatic Bottled Water Machine with Automatic Cap Loader – N5 million to N6 million
    • Monobloc 8-8-3
    • 4000 to 6000 bottles per hour
    • 8 washing heads, 8 filling nozzles, 3 capping heads
    • Capable of bottling other liquids
  4. Automatic Bottle Water Machine – N5.5 million to N6.5 million
    • Straight-line bottling machine
    • 12 washing heads, 12 filling nozzles, 1 capping head
    • Steam labeling for high efficiency
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bottled Water Machine

Starting a bottled water business requires careful consideration of the bottled water machine you invest in. The machine’s quality is paramount to the success of your venture. Here are some crucial factors to ponder:

  1. Machine Accuracy:
    • Automatic machines must be accurate in the filling process to avoid packaging issues and customer dissatisfaction.
  2. Level of Automation:
    • Consider production capacity and the machine’s speed in filling bottles per hour.
    • Determine if the machine should handle bottle washing and capping.
  3. Level of Integration:
    • Anticipate future needs and assess the machine’s capability to integrate with other equipment.
    • Ensure compatibility between manual and automatic components.
  4. Type of Container:
    • Identify the type of container (PET bottles, glass bottles) the machine can handle.
    • Choose a machine that aligns with your preferred container material.
  5. Budget:
    • Determine your budget constraints and find a machine that offers the best features within your financial scope.
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Investing in a bottled water machine in Nigeria requires meticulous planning and consideration of various factors. By understanding the market prices and evaluating key aspects like accuracy, automation, integration, and container compatibility, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions. This guide aims to empower newcomers in the bottled water business, paving the way for sustainable growth and success in the Nigerian market.

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