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Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

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The Nigerian market has witnessed a significant embrace of Industrial sewing machines, revolutionizing the sewing process by making it easier, faster, and less stressful. Among the popular brands, Brother Industrial sewing machines stand out for their effectiveness, output, and time-saving capabilities. In this post, we delve into the pricing dynamics of both new and used Brother Industrial sewing machines in the Nigerian market.

Brand New Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

With one of the largest industrial sewing machine markets in Africa, Nigeria offers a diverse range of Brother Industrial sewing machines in different sizes and models. The price for a brand new Brother Industrial sewing machine typically ranges between N280,000 and N500,000, dependent on the chosen model. Factors such as the currency exchange rate and the place of purchase can influence the final price. It’s essential to note that global uncertainties, particularly those arising from the pandemic, may impact the machine’s cost.

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To acquire a brand new Brother Industrial sewing machine, one can explore various sewing machine stores across the country or opt for direct orders from manufacturers, which may include imports.

Used Brother Industrial Sewing Machine Price in Nigeria

For buyers seeking a more budget-friendly option, used Brother Industrial sewing machines offer a reasonable alternative without compromising on durability and functionality. Foreign used versions are available at prices ranging from N110,000 to N350,000, while locally used machines can be purchased for N150,000 to N250,000, depending on their condition at the time of purchase. Similar to brand new versions, the prices of foreign used machines may be influenced by the currency exchange rate.

Both foreign and locally used Brother Industrial sewing machines are accessible through international eCommerce platforms for foreign versions and local online channels for locally used ones.

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Key Advantages of Brother Industrial Sewing Machines

  1. High Efficiency: Brother Industrial sewing machines excel in enhancing efficiency, speed, and ease of use. Their performance is commendable in their price category, making them a preferred choice in the market.
  2. Durability: Brother sewing machines are known for their durability, often accompanied by a minimum 5-year warranty. Some models even boast warranties of up to 20 to 25 years, emphasizing the brand’s confidence in the longevity of their products.
  3. Great Second-hand Value: The machines retain great second-hand value, indicating their durability and ease of maintenance. If reselling becomes an option, users can expect a reasonable price for their used Brother Industrial sewing machines.
  4. Easy Control: Brother Industrial sewing machines feature user-friendly controls with easily adjustable speeds. Although beginners may find the learning curve challenging, operators can efficiently regulate the settings once accustomed to the machine.

Potential Drawbacks of Brother Industrial Sewing Machines

  1. Noisy Operation: While not universal across all models, some users have reported noise issues with certain Brother Industrial sewing machine models. However, with proper management and usage, these machines can still provide long-lasting service.
  2. Not Easy for Beginners: Industrial sewing machines, in general, pose a learning curve, and Brother models are no exception. Beginners may find the operation and control of these machines complex initially, requiring time and effort to become proficient.
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Brother Industrial sewing machines have become integral in the Nigerian market, offering a balance of efficiency, durability, and value for money. Whether opting for a brand new or used machine, buyers can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology in the sewing industry. While the machines may have some drawbacks, their overall performance makes them a reliable choice for those seeking productivity and longevity in their sewing endeavors.

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