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Cat 6 Cable Prices in Nigeria

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In the rapidly advancing world of technology, networking has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, enabling us to perform a myriad of functions seamlessly. At the heart of this connectivity are essential components like CAT 6 cables, designed to meet the demands of modern data transmission. If you’re embarking on a networking project in Nigeria, understanding the cost of CAT 6 cables is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the CAT 6 cable landscape in Nigeria, providing you with valuable insights into prices, brands, and sizes.

Understanding CAT 6 Cables

CAT 6, short for Category 6, stands as the sixth generation of twisted pair Ethernet cables, initially defined by the Electronic Industries Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association. These cables consist of four intertwined pairs and are terminated with RJ45 connectors or keystone jacks. Notably, CAT 6 cables boast a maximum speed of 10 Gbps, making them ideal for high-performance networking applications.

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CAT 6 Cable Prices in Nigeria

As of our last update on July 15, 2023, here’s a glimpse of the CAT 6 cable prices in the Nigerian market:

  1. 1M RJ45 Ethernet Cable Lan Network Patch Cord: From ₦2,250
  2. 50M CAT 6 Ethernet Cable Lan Network Internet Patch: From ₦15,000
  3. Z-link LAN CABLE CAT6 NETWORK CABLE 305M- PURE COPPER: From ₦60,000
  4. D-Link Cat6 Cable 100% Copper: From ₦75,000
  5. COM-LINK Cat6e UTP 100% Copper Lan Cable 305meters: From ₦73,000
  6. Quality CAT 6 OUTDOOR UTP ETHERNET CABLE: From ₦70,970
  7. D-Link Dlink Cat6 UTP Pure Copper Network Cable 305M: From ₦140,000
  8. Tp Link Cat 6 Lan Cable: From ₦36,000
  9. Cat6 Ethernet Lan Cable 100M: From ₦38,000
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Please note that these prices are subject to fluctuations due to factors such as inflation, customs duty, and exchange rates. Additionally, variations may occur based on your location and the vendor you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions About CAT 6 Cables

What is a CAT 6 Cable?

CAT 6 stands for Category 6, representing an Ethernet cable standard known for its four intertwined pairs and termination with RJ45 connectors. With a maximum speed of 10 Gbps, CAT 6 cables are suitable for high-performance networking.

How Long can a CAT 6 Cable Run?

CAT 6 cables should ideally operate efficiently over a maximum distance of 100 meters or 328 feet. Beyond this, users may experience issues like reduced performance and signal loss.

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What are the Applications of CAT 6 Network Cables?

CAT 6 cables serve as the backbone of network connections, excelling in applications like Power over Ethernet technologies, security systems, and home and office networking systems. Known for reduced crosstalk and higher speeds, they offer reliability over longer distances.


In the dynamic landscape of networking, staying informed about the cost and specifications of essential components like CAT 6 cables is crucial. As you plan your networking project in Nigeria, consider the diverse range of options available and stay updated on market trends for optimal decision-making. Please bear in mind that prices may vary, and it’s advisable to check with your local vendors for the most accurate and current information.

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