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Cost of Traveling to the UK from Nigeria

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Nigeria boasts a rich history of individuals seeking better opportunities abroad, and one of the favored destinations is the United Kingdom. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, over 250,000 Nigerian citizens currently call the UK home, driven by reasons such as work, education, and historical ties. If you’re contemplating a journey from Nigeria to the UK, understanding the costs and visa details is paramount. This post serves as a comprehensive guide, providing essential information for a smooth transition.

Cost of Traveling to the UK from Nigeria:

  1. UK Visa Costs in Nigeria:

    a. Study Visa: – Student – main applicant and dependents: $485 or ₦202,967.65 – Child Student: $485 or ₦202,967.65 – Short-term study visa: $259 or ₦108,388.91 – Parents of children at school: $718 or ₦300,475.82

    b. Visitor Visa: – Standard Visitor visa (up to 6 months): $132 or ₦55,240.68 – Longer-term (up to 2 years): $503 or ₦210,500.47 – Longer-term (up to 10 years): $1145 or ₦479,171.05

    c. Join Family Visa: – Parent of a Student child visa (up to 12 months): $718 or ₦300,475.82 – Family visas (joining partner, parent, proposed civil partner, or child): $2121 or ₦887,617.29 – Adult dependant relative: $4525 or ₦1,893,667.25

    d. Work Visa: – Costs vary based on the specific type of work visa. Ensure to check the requirements and fees for your chosen category.

  2. Important Note: The conversion rate used is the official bank rate of ₦418.49.

Types of UK Visas and Eligibility:

  1. Study Visa:
    • Requirements include proficiency in English, financial capacity, and an admission offer from a licensed sponsor.
  2. Visitor Visa:
    • Various categories cater to different purposes, ranging from standard visits to academic or marriage-related visits.
  3. Join Family Visa:
    • Available for parents, children, partners, and family members in need of long-term care.
  4. Work Visa:
    • Diverse categories such as Skilled Worker, Start-Up, Graduate Work, and more, each with specific eligibility criteria.


Embarking on a journey from Nigeria to the UK involves meticulous planning, and understanding the visa costs and requirements is a crucial aspect. Whether you’re pursuing education, visiting family, or exploring work opportunities, this guide provides valuable insights to help you navigate the process smoothly. Always check the latest updates from the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration for the most accurate information. Safe travels!

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