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Excellence Hotel Ogba

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Lagos, Excellence Hotel Ogba stands tall as a beacon of sophistication and elegance.

With its 71 meticulously furnished air-conditioned guest rooms, each boasting a private balcony that overlooks carefully landscaped terrain, this 3-Star hotel redefines the very essence of hospitality.

The moment you step onto the premises, you’re greeted with a seamless blend of comfort and a lavish taste of luxury that makes every stay unforgettable.

Perched in the metropolitan center of Lagos state, Excellence Hotel Ogba is more than just an accommodation option; it’s a haven for professionals, offering proximity to esteemed institutions such as the National Institute of Journalism and the National Teachers Institute.

Situated in the exclusive area of Ogba Aguda, this architectural masterpiece commands attention with its imposing presence, sprawled across a sprawling expanse of land.

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Step inside, and you’re welcomed into a realm of opulence.

The guest rooms, a true embodiment of luxury, are presented in five distinct categories, catering to varied preferences. From the Standard Double and Executive Standard Double to the lavish Executive Suite, Royal Suite, and VIP Suite, each room is tastefully appointed.

Expect a king-size bed that envelopes you in comfort, a private en-suite bathroom that exudes elegance, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels to keep you entertained.

Convenience meets style with a refrigerator, cozy sofa, a functional table, a spacious wardrobe, and an intercom telephone system at your fingertips.

Moreover, the harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces ensures that Wi-Fi internet access is a privilege enjoyed exclusively by the hotel’s cherished guests.

The hotel’s amenities are nothing short of exceptional. For those seeking leisure and rejuvenation, an ultra-modern sporting and relaxation facility awaits.

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Challenge friends to a game of tennis or table tennis, or take a refreshing dip in the outdoor swimming pool. Fitness enthusiasts will find solace in the fully equipped fitness center, complete with a knowledgeable gym instructor to guide your workouts.

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These facilities are accessible to both in-house guests and those who decide to venture in, with tailored charges to suit different preferences.

Excellence Hotel Ogba takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction. A 24-hour room service ensures your needs are met around the clock, while laundry services and housekeeping maintain the pristine condition of your abode.

Guests are further pampered with shuttle services, and security is paramount with secured parking on-site. The promise of uninterrupted power supply further solidifies the hotel’s dedication to providing an impeccable experience.

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When it comes to location, Excellence Hotel Ogba shines as a star in its own right. With notable landmarks such as the National Teachers Institute and the National Institute of Journalism mere minutes away, the hotel becomes an oasis of convenience.

Even the bustling Murtala Muhammed International Airport is just a 23-minute drive away, ensuring seamless connectivity.

In the bustling urban sprawl of Lagos, Excellence Hotel Ogba emerges as a true gem, offering not just accommodation, but an experience that lingers long after your stay.

Whether you’re a professional seeking solace or a traveler in search of luxury, this top-class hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, welcomes you to a realm where every moment is crafted to perfection.

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