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Golden Morn Prices in Nigeria

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In the bustling market of breakfast cereals, Golden Morn stands out as a nutritious, filling, and delicious option for both adults and children. Manufactured by Nestle Nigeria PLC, this cereal boasts over 50 percent whole grains and is fortified with essential nutrients like iron and vitamin A. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the latest Golden Morn prices in Nigeria, its ingredients, and the myriad health benefits that make it a popular choice for many.

Golden Morn Prices in Nigeria:

Before heading to the market, it’s crucial to be aware of the current Golden Morn prices. As of December 2, 2022, here are the latest prices for various Golden Morn variants in Nigeria:

  1. Golden Morn – 45g X 10: ₦1,400- ₦2,000
  2. Nestle Golden Morn – 1kg X 3: ₦12,000- ₦13,000
  3. Nestle Golden Morn – 400g – Carton Of 12: ₦11,500- ₦12,000
  4. Nestle Golden Morn – 500g – 12 Pieces – 1 Carton: ₦23,800 – ₦23,999
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Golden Morn Ingredients:

Golden Morn derives its nutritional power from a blend of wholesome ingredients. Some key components include:

  1. Sucrose
  2. Whole maize flour
  3. Sodium chloride
  4. Soya bean flour
  5. Acidity regulators
  6. Calcium carbonate
  7. Ferrous fumarate
  8. Sodium phosphate
  9. Potassium phosphate
  10. Iron
  11. Calcium
  12. Dietary fibre
  13. Proteins
  14. Vitamin A

Health Benefits of Golden Morn:

The health benefits of Golden Morn are as diverse as its ingredients, making it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers. Here are some notable advantages:

  1. Rich in Iron: Golden Morn is a powerhouse of iron, essential for treating anaemia and promoting healthy haemoglobin levels.
  2. High in Fiber: With abundant dietary fibre, Golden Morn aids in treating constipation and supports weight loss.
  3. Stress Removal: The presence of vitamin C in Golden Morn contributes to stress reduction, promoting overall well-being.
  4. Vitamin A Enrichment: Fortified with vitamin A, Golden Morn contributes to healthy lungs, eyes, and hearts. It is also beneficial for treating night blindness and regenerating the intestinal lining.
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Golden Morn emerges as not just a breakfast cereal but a nutritional powerhouse offering a spectrum of health benefits. With its reasonable prices and diverse variants, it continues to be a popular choice for individuals and families in Nigeria. Whether you consume it for breakfast or as a snack, Golden Morn proves that healthy eating can be both delicious and accessible. Stay informed about the latest prices and make Golden Morn a wholesome part of your daily routine.

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