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Hisense Soundbar Price in Nigeria

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In the world of audio enhancement for your entertainment setup, soundbars have emerged as the unsung heroes, transforming your viewing experience with their unassuming bar-shaped design and exceptional sound quality. Hisense, a reputable electronics brand, has been a key player in delivering high-quality gadgets, including a range of impressive soundbars tailored for various needs. In this article, we’ll explore the current prices of Hisense Soundbars in Nigeria, delve into their specifications, and help you decide if these devices are worth your investment.

Hisense Soundbar Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Hisense HS204 2.0ch 30W Soundbar: ₦31,500 – ₦40,000
  2. Hisense 108w 2.1ch Audio Bluetooth Sound Bar System- AUD214: ₦68,000 – ₦175,000
  3. Hisense 2.0 CH 30 Watts Bluetooth + USB Sound Bar: ₦34,000 – ₦50,000
  4. Hisense 2.0 CH 60 Watts Bluetooth Optical Soundbar: ₦38,500 – ₦49,500
  5. Hisense 2.0ch Bluetooth, USB Soundbar: ₦31,500 – ₦39,999
  6. Hisense 2.0ch Bluetooth, USB, AUX Soundbar HS204 – 30W: ₦35,090 – ₦41,000
  7. Hisense 2.1 CH Bluetooth Optical Soundbar: ₦65,000 – ₦75,000
  8. Hisense 200 Watts Bluetooth Optical Soundbar With USB & AUX PORT: ₦154,000 – ₦190,000
  9. Hisense 280W 3.1CH Soundbar System Dolby Atmos- AUD3100G-AX: ₦144,500 – ₦169,000
  10. Hisense 60W Bluetooth, USB Soundbar AUD 205: ₦39,500 – ₦59,999
  11. Hisense 60W Bluetooth, USB Soundbar HS205: ₦40,499 – ₦44,000
  12. Hisense AUD 120HA Mini HiFi 50 Watts Sound System: ₦66,700 – ₦79,736
  13. Hisense AUD 205 60 Watts Bluetooth Sound Bar: ₦32,416 – ₦40,000
  14. Hisense Bluetooth 2.0Ch Audio Sound Bar System HS204: ₦33,990 – ₦89,000
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Hisense Soundbar Specifications at a Glance:

Now, let’s dive into the specifications of selected Hisense Soundbars to provide you with a comprehensive overview:

  1. Hisense HS204 2.0ch 30W Soundbar Specifications:
    • Amp Type: 2.0 ch Amp
    • Output Power Target: 30W RMS (<5% THD) (15WX2)
    • Front Panel: RGB LED indicator
    • Decoder Function: WAV, MP3, PCM(2ch), Dolby Digital, Dolby Virtual Speaker, DTS Digital Surround, AAC
    • Bluetooth Function: Ver: 4.2
    • Sound Mode: Music, Cinema, News
    • Audio Digital Input: Optical Input
    • USB: Software Update, USB playback, USB Charge (0.5A)
    • Wall mountable: Yes
    • Remote Control: Remote Type (New / Common)
  2. Hisense 108w 2.1ch Audio Bluetooth Sound Bar System- HS214 Specifications:
    • Controls On Sound Bar (Front Panel): Input/Source, On/Standby, Volume +/-
    • Virtual Surround: Support
    • Dolby Digital: Yes
    • HDMI ARC: 1
    • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
    • Rated Output Power (Total): 108W
    • Woofer: Speaker Size: 3″
    • Auto Power On: Yes (HDMI, Coaxial, and Optical)
    • Wall Mountable: Yes
    • USB port for Service (FW update): Share USB Type A
  3. Hisense 2.0 CH 60 Watts Bluetooth Optical Soundbar Specifications:
    • Soundbar Color: Black
    • Channels: 2.0 CH
    • Max Output Power: 60W (2x30W LR)
    • Sound Mode: Movie/Music/News
    • Bluetooth: Yes, BT4.2
    • HDMI ARC, CEC: Yes
    • Auto Power On with Signal detected: Yes (HDMI, Coaxial, and Optical)
    • Roku TV Ready: Yes
    • Remote: Yes, 2xAAA Batteries included
  4. Hisense AUD 120HA Mini HiFi 50 Watts Sound System Specifications:
    • Output Power: 25 Watts x2
    • Woofer: 4″ Woofer x2
    • Tweeter: 1.5″ x2
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • USB VERSION: V1.1
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With a diverse range of Hisense Soundbars catering to different preferences and budgets, these devices offer a blend of cutting-edge technology and affordability. The specifications showcase the brand’s commitment to delivering optimal audio experiences for users in Nigeria. Whether you’re a cinephile or a music enthusiast, Hisense Soundbars provide an array of options to elevate your audio game. Consider your specific requirements and budget constraints to determine the best Hisense Soundbar that suits your needs.

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