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Hotels in Aba and Prices List

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Aba, nestled in Abia State, has earned its reputation as a bustling trade town, attracting visitors far and wide for its diverse range of clothing materials and other products. With its strategic location at the crossroads of roads from Owerri, Ikot Ekpene, Port Harcourt, Umuahia, and Ikot Abasi, Aba is a hub of activity, making hotel services a high-demand commodity. In this guide, we delve into the cost of staying in Aba hotels, providing a curated list of popular options and their respective prices.

Hotels in Aba and Prices List:

Aba boasts over 140 hotels, each offering a unique experience. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the most popular hotels in the city along with their prices:

  1. Luxury City Royal Hotel: From N12,500 per night
  2. Hotel Terminus: From N8,000 per night
  3. Sky Drop International Hotels Limited: From N2,500 per night
  4. Evergreen Hotel: From N3,800 per night
  5. City Global Hotels: From N7,000 per night
  6. Abia Hotels Limited: From N9,000 per night
  7. Spelling Garden Hotels: From N9,900 per night
  8. Lekota Springs Hotel: From N4,620 per night
  9. Hotel De Ville: From N5,000 per night
  10. Ausdan City Hotels Limited: From N3,000 per night
  11. Gallery Hotel and Suites: From N8,000 per night
  12. Marrox Garden Hotels: From N4,000 per night
  13. The Beverly Hills Hotel: From N2,000 per night
  14. Hotel De Grand Luxe: From N2,500 per night
  15. Binez Hotels: From N6,700 per night
  16. Crest Hotels Limited: From N15,000 per night
  17. Enitona Hotel: From N16,840 per night
  18. Emanet Hotels: From N5,500 per night
  19. Hotel De La Paix: From N7,600 per night
  20. Chamberlaine-Chim Suites Hotel: From N2,500 per night
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Note: Prices are subject to change based on seasonal events and company policies.

Popular Hotels in Aba:

1. Luxury City Royal Hotel:

  • Address: 84b, Aba-Owerri Road, Aba, Abia.
  • Overview: Whether for business or pleasure, Luxury City Royal Hotel offers a tranquil environment for guests. The hotel features various categories of well-furnished suites, including Executive Luxury, Orthopedic Luxury, Royale, Business, and Diplomatic Luxury Suites.
  • Facilities:
    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Onsite restaurant
    • Onsite bar and lounge
    • Laundry
    • Meeting rooms
    • Banquet hall
    • Ultramodern fitness centre and gym
    • Beauty salon
    • Beauty parlour and spa
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2. Crest Hotels Limited:

  • Address: Plot 32A Margaret Avenue, GRA, Aba, Abia.
  • Overview: Situated in the quiet Aba GRA, Crest Hotels Limited offers peace and proximity to key attractions. The hotel boasts spacious rooms, ample parking, and 24/7 security for guests’ peace of mind.
  • Facilities:

    • Onsite restaurant
    • Onsite bar and lounge
    • Laundry
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3. Enitona Hotel:

  • Address: 8 Margaret Avenue G.R.A P.O. Box 148, Aba, Abia.
  • Overview: Enitona Hotel, located in the heart of Aba, provides affordable and comfortable lodging. With various room categories, an onsite restaurant, bar, lounge, gym, and outdoor swimming pool, guests can enjoy a pleasant stay.
  • Facilities:

    • Outdoor swimming pool
    • Onsite restaurant
    • Onsite bar and lounge
    • Laundry
    • Meeting rooms


Whether you seek luxury, tranquility, or affordability, Aba offers a range of hotel options to suit every preference. Keep in mind that while prices are relatively stable, occasional changes may occur due to seasonal events and company policies. Plan your visit to Aba, experience its vibrant atmosphere, and enjoy a comfortable stay in one of its renowned hotels.

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