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Hotels in Damaturu, Yobe

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Are you ready to embark on a journey to Yobe, where the rich cultural tapestry of northern Nigeria awaits you?

In this vibrant state, nestled amidst the enchanting landscapes, lies Damaturu, a city that harmoniously blends tradition with modernity.

Today, I invite you to explore the top hotels in Damaturu, Yobe, promising not just a stay, but an unforgettable experience. So, buckle up as we venture into the heart of hospitality!

Gaat Hotel Limited

Situated on Plot 57 Barewa Road GRA Damaturu, Gaat Hotel Limited stands as a beacon of comfort. With an average nightly rate of ₦16,100 (originally ₦20,000), this hotel offers a luxurious retreat.

Boasting a strong following of 510 admirers, Gaat Hotel Limited has earned its reputation as a traveler’s paradise.

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Zadiah Hotel

Discover Zadiah Hotel, a haven of tranquility located on Plot 157/159 Gurjigurjiya Commission’s Quarters. With an average rate of ₦10,350 per night, this hotel exudes elegance. With 279 patrons praising its charm, Zadiah Hotel is where sophistication meets affordability.

Lale Guest Inn Limited

Nestled in Jerusalem Ward, Lale Guest Inn Limited invites you to experience unmatched hospitality. With an average rate of ₦5,500, this inn offers a cozy ambiance. Welcoming 186 guests, Lale Guest Inn Limited promises a warm stay in Damaturu.

Oasis Hotel Damaturu

Journey to Maiduguri Road Behind Diamond/Zenith Bank, Sabon Fegi, and discover the Oasis Hotel Damaturu. Priced at ₦8,000 per night, this hotel offers a delightful fusion of comfort and accessibility. While specific reviews are not available, Oasis Hotel Damaturu ensures a pleasant stay experience.

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Tamir Guest House Potiskum

For a unique stay, Tamir Guest House Potiskum, located at No.37, Socol Junction, beckons with its charm. While specific rates are unknown, this guest house offers simplicity and convenience for travelers exploring Damaturu.

Gonlaka Guest Inn

Indulge in the serene ambiance of Gonlaka Guest Inn, located in Potiskum G R A, Manawaji Potiskum. While specific rates are undisclosed, this inn provides a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city life.

Classic Montage Motel

Experience classic elegance at Classic Montage Motel, Sabon Fegi. With an average rate of ₦13,750 per night, this motel boasts a sophisticated atmosphere. With 10 patrons singing its praises, Classic Montage Motel is where style meets substance.

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Hayas Guest Inn

Hayas Guest Inn, located at Cross Road Damaturu, offers simplicity and convenience. While specific rates are not mentioned, this inn ensures a comfortable stay for travelers seeking budget-friendly options.

Rahama Lodge

Discover the charm of Rahama Lodge, situated on Bukar Abba Ibrahim Way, August 27 Stadium. While specific rates are unknown, this lodge offers a convenient location for travelers exploring Damaturu’s attractions.

City Rollers Hotel

Uncover the hidden gem of City Rollers Hotel, located on Bukar Abba Ibrahim Way. While specific rates are undisclosed, this hotel promises a convenient stay experience for travelers.

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