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Industrial Weaving Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In the dynamic world of tailoring and dressmaking, the right tools can make all the difference. For professionals in Nigeria, having the right industrial weaving machine is crucial for achieving refined finishes and ensuring the longevity of clothing. In this guide, we explore the types, prices, and key considerations when purchasing these essential tools.

Understanding the Basics: Overlock Machines in Nigeria

Types of Weaving Machines:

Commonly referred to as weaving or weeping machines in Nigeria, the correct term for these devices is the overlock machine or serger. These machines play a vital role in trimming and enclosing seam allowances, preventing fabric edges from unraveling and enhancing the overall quality of garments.

Necessity for Professional Tailors:

Regardless of the tailoring service provided, a manual overlock machine is a necessity for achieving neat and polished finishes. Industrial weaving machines, in particular, offer advanced features, increased speed, and decorative serging options.

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Prices of Industrial Weaving Machines in Nigeria

Brand New Weaving Machines:

  1. SUMO overlock sewing machine: Starting from N45,000
  2. SUMO Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N200,000
  3. Butterfly overlock sewing machine: From N50,000
  4. Brother Industrial overlock machine: From N180,000
  5. EMEL Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N230,000
  6. Merrylock 3 Needle 4 Thread Cover stitch Machine: From N165,000
  7. Two Lion Industrial weaving machine: From N220,000

Fairly Used Weaving Machines:

  1. Butterfly Interlocking machine: From N40,000
  2. SUMO overlocking machine: From N30,000
  3. Gemini overlocking machine: From N30,000
  4. SUMO Industrial overlock machine (3 thread): From N90,000
  5. Two Lion Industrial weaving machine: From N100,000
  6. Brother industrial overlock machine: From N90,000
  7. Merrylock 2 Needles 4 Thread Overlock Sewing Machine: From N90,000
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What to Consider Before Buying an Industrial Weaving Machine

Factors to Evaluate:

  1. Type of Tailoring Service: Tailors must consider the specific needs of their services, whether focused on native wears or corporate clothing, to determine the suitable machine type.
  2. Budget Considerations: The amount you are willing to spend will influence whether you opt for a brand new or a fairly used machine and which brand is within your budget.
  3. Durability: Brands such as Brother, EMEL, and Butterfly are known for their durability. It’s essential to research and choose a reliable brand to ensure high efficiency.
  4. Availability of Spare Parts: Check for the availability of spare parts in the market, as a lack of components can render the machine useless in case of faults.
  5. Power Supply: Industrial weaving machines require a constant source of electricity. If power supply is unreliable, it’s advisable to consider machines that can operate with a manual machine stand.
  6. Complexity: Consider the complexity of the overlock machine. Opt for a machine with a thread-passing process that you are familiar with to avoid unnecessary complications.
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Investing in the right industrial weaving machine is a pivotal step for tailors and dressmakers looking to elevate their craftsmanship. By understanding the types, prices, and crucial considerations outlined in this guide, professionals in Nigeria can make informed decisions to enhance the quality and longevity of their creations.

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