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JAC Motors Price List

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In the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian automobile market, where preferences and trends constantly evolve, one brand steadily gaining recognition is JAC Motors. Rooted in the rich history of its Chinese parent company established in 1964, JAC Motors has carved a niche for itself in Nigeria, driven by the superior quality of its vehicles and an adaptive approach to customer needs. For those intrigued by the prospect of owning a JAC vehicle, this article delves into the price range, popular series, and the advantages that come with choosing this brand.

JAC Motors Price List:

JAC Motors offers a diverse range of vehicles, each catering to specific needs and preferences.

  1. JAC J4 2022: From N20.4 million
  2. JAC S5 2022: From N25 million
  3. JAC J4 2022: From N20 million
  4. JAC J4 2020: From N18 million
  5. S2 2019 (Fairly Used): From N8.2 million
  6. J4 2018 (Fairly Used): From N10 million
  7. T6 2017 (Fairly Used): From N5.15 million
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Please note that prices for second-hand JAC vehicles vary based on factors like the seller, vehicle condition, and production year. It is advisable to engage a trusted mechanic when considering a used purchase.

JAC Motors Series:

JAC Motors boasts an extensive lineup of series, ranging from luxury to mid-range offerings. Let’s explore a few notable series available in Nigeria:

  1. JAC A60 Series:
    • Considered the pinnacle of JAC’s offerings, the A60 Series combines luxury with high-end features.
    • Two four-cylinder engine variants with different power outputs are available.
  2. JAC IEV7S Series:
    • Falling into the mid-range category, the IEV7S Series offers an all-electric range of 280km/173 miles.
    • Quick charging options and impressive motor power make it a compelling choice.
  3. JAC J4 Series:
    • Recognized as the most affordable series, the J4 lineup emphasizes spacious interiors and accessibility.
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Categories of JAC Motors:

JAC Motors categorizes its vehicles into three main segments:

  1. Passenger Vehicles:
    • Sedan: Model J4
    • SUVs: Model S2, Model S3, Model S4, Model S5, Model S7
  2. Commercial Vehicles:
    • T6, T8, Sunray Bus or Van.
  3. Light-Duty Vehicles:
    • Trucks: X5 (1-ton truck), N-Series, 10 Tons Truck

Advantages of JAC Vehicles:

Wondering what sets JAC vehicles apart? Here are some notable advantages:

  1. Operation:
    • JAC vehicles boast a simple yet technologically advanced design, perfect for navigating Nigerian roads.
  2. Usability:
    • Versatility is a hallmark of JAC Motors, offering excellent visibility and optimal driving experience.
  3. Comfort:
    • JAC vehicles prioritize comfort with heavenly interiors and futuristic design elements, ensuring a delightful driving experience.
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As the Nigerian automotive landscape evolves, JAC Motors stands out as a brand that combines quality, versatility, and comfort. Whether you’re eyeing a luxury sedan or a practical SUV, JAC Motors has something to offer, making it a compelling choice for discerning car enthusiasts. Explore the diverse range and discover why JAC Motors is gaining traction in Nigeria’s automobile scene.

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