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Knitting Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In the rich tapestry of Nigerian culture, knitting has long been a cherished tradition. Once reliant on knitting pins to weave intricate designs, the landscape has evolved with the advent of technology, ushering in an era of knitting machines. These modern marvels promise a faster and neater knitting process, enhancing the market value of the final products. In this post, we delve into the popular knitting machines available in Nigeria, shedding light on their specifications and prices.

1. Russian Manual Fanghua Brand FHSM505 Sewing Machine:

  • Price Range: N45,255 – N70,000
  • Main Material: ABS+Metal
  • Stitch Formation: Lock Stitch
  • Power: DC 6V Or Battery
  • Size: 10.5″ X 4.5″ X 9″(L X W X H)
  • Features: Adjustable stitch length, chain stitch formation, and a comprehensive package including a foot controller, thread spools, bobbins, needle threader, needles, and adapter.
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2. Knitting Machine Multifunctional Electric Household Sewing Machine:

  • Price Range: N18,500 – N35,000
  • Plug Type: US / EU / UK
  • Input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC6V
  • Features: Double thread, double speed, LED light, and a complete package with sewing machine, power adapter, foot pedal, spare needle, bobbins, and user manual.

3. Electric Sewing Machines 12 Stitches Mini Sewing Machine 505A:

  • Price Range: N52,500 – N83,000
  • Features: Automatic thread rewind, built-in sewing light, concealed drawer for storage, double thread/double speed, 12 built-in stitch patterns, thread cutter, and versatile functionality including forwards and reverse sewing.

4. Faroot Cordless Hand Sewing Machine:

  • Price Range: N6,400 – N9,000
  • Features: Compact handheld design, manual feed mechanism, and lock stitch formation. Package includes a bobbin with thread, needle, and handheld sewing machine.
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5. Knitting Machine Multifunctional Electric Household Sewing Machine (Alternate Model):

  • Price Range: N30,000 – N40,000
  • Features: Similar to the previous model with additional variations in the package. Ideal for those seeking a balance between affordability and functionality.

6. Electric Mini Sewing Machine Overlock Dual Speed:

  • Price Range: N25,000 – N40,000
  • Features: Adjustable speed, foot pedal operation, and a comprehensive package including charger, English manual, needle threader, sewing machine, metal bobbins, thread spools, and accessories.

7. Mini Sewing Machines Portable Knitting Machine:

  • Price Range: N12,900 – N20,000
  • Features: Lightweight and portable, operates on batteries or DC 6V power, includes sewing machine, needle, sewing thread, sewing threader, and user manual.
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8. Multi-function Mini Sewing Machine Portable Knitting Electric Presser Foot:

  • Price Range: N17,900 – N27,900
  • Features: Handheld sewing machine with double thread, double speed, automatic thread rewind, built-in sewing light, and a versatile package with foot pedal, adaptor, and thread bag.


Embark on a journey into the world of knitting machines in Nigeria, where tradition meets technology. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a budding enthusiast, these machines cater to a spectrum of needs. The prices outlined offer a range to suit diverse budgets, ensuring that the art of knitting continues to thrive in the modern age. Elevate your craftsmanship with these cutting-edge knitting machines, marrying tradition with efficiency.

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