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Lonart Prices in Nigeria

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In the battle against malaria, Lonart DS stands out as one of the most sought-after drugs in Nigeria today. Garnering positive reviews from users over the years, this medication has earned its high rating. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of Lonart in Nigeria, its potential side effects, and the necessary precautions users should take.

Lonart Prices in Nigeria:

Lonart DS is readily available in various pharmaceutical stores, clinics, and hospitals across Nigeria. A complete dose, neatly packaged in a sachet, can be purchased for an average price ranging from N1,500 to N3,000. Prices are subject to variation based on the place and time of purchase.

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How to Use Lonart DS:

Using Lonart DS requires consultation with a medical professional. The dosage will be determined based on the individual’s condition, with a general recommendation to take it after a meal. For children unable to swallow tablets, the drug can be crushed and mixed with water. If vomiting occurs within one to two hours after use, the dosage should be repeated. If vomiting persists, an alternative antimalarial treatment is advised.

For adults, the typical dose involves an 80 mg/480 mg initial dose, followed by a second dose after eight hours, and four additional doses (80 mg/480 mg) twice a day for the next two days. Children, on the other hand, are typically prescribed a 20 mg/120 mg initial dose, followed by a second dose after eight hours, and one dose (20 mg/120 mg) twice a day for the next two days.

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Possible Side Effects of Lonart:

As with many anti-malarial medications, Lonart may have temporary side effects ranging from cough, common cold, and dizziness to fever, headache, and joint pain. While most side effects are mild and short-lived, persistent or severe reactions require immediate medical attention. Rare but serious side effects include QT prolongation, agitation, and allergic reactions.


Before using Lonart DS, consult with a healthcare professional, discussing any drug sensitivities or underlying health conditions. Lonart may affect blood cell counts, so regular monitoring is crucial. Pregnant women should use Lonart cautiously, only when the benefits outweigh potential risks. Breastfeeding mothers should also seek medical advice before using Lonart, although its impact on the fetus has not been conclusively proven.

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Lonart DS offers a promising solution in the fight against malaria in Nigeria. With its availability, reasonable pricing, and proper usage under medical guidance, it serves as a valuable tool in combatting this prevalent disease. Always prioritize consultation with a healthcare professional to ensure the safe and effective use of Lonart DS.

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