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MTN Solar Inverter Price in Nigeria

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In recent times, Nigeria has been grappling with persistent issues of epileptic power supply, prompting an increasing number of citizens to seek alternative sources of energy. Among the emerging solutions, solar power stands out as a clean, safe, and cost-effective option for households. One notable player in this space is the MTN-Lumos solar inverter system, commonly known as the “Yellow Box.” In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the pricing, payment plans, and key details surrounding the MTN solar inverter in Nigeria.

Understanding the Pay As You Go Model:

The MTN-Lumos solar power system operates on a Pay As You Go model, allowing users to enjoy the benefits without making a hefty upfront payment. This flexible approach enables individuals to own the setup gradually, making it accessible to a broader audience.

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MTN Solar Electricity Price Plans:

To cater to diverse financial capabilities, MTN-Lumos offers various payment plans:

  1. Daily Payment: N300 per day
  2. Weekly Payment: N1,800 per week
  3. 20 Days: N4,300 every 20 days
  4. 30 Days: N5,400 per month
  5. 60 Days: N10,000 bimonthly
  6. 90 Days: N14,000 quarterly
  7. 180 Days: N26,000 every 6 months
  8. 365 Days: N51,000 per year
  9. 1800 Days: N240,000 (one-time pay)

It’s essential to note that there are also 5-day and 10-day plans, and for further information, users can contact MTN-Lumos customer care.

Important Considerations:

  • A one-time setup and installation fee of N28,000 is mandatory upon joining the service.
  • The entire package remains the property of MTN-Lumos, with the right to withdraw it if terms and conditions are violated.
  • Opting for longer payment intervals results in a lower daily average cost.
  • Regular payments are crucial, with consequences for failure to adhere to the minimum monthly usage.
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How to Join MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity Service:

To get started with MTN Lumos solar power, visit a local store with an active MTN SIM card, a valid ID, and two guarantors. The initial cost breakdown includes:

  1. Setup fee: N26,000
  2. Activation plan for the first 30 days: N5,400
  3. Installation fee: N2,000 Total: N33,400

MTN Lumos Recharge Process:

After installation, recharging is a simple process. Send the preferred payment plan (number of days) to 317 after loading sufficient credit. For instance, texting “5” to 317 subscribes to the 5-day plan.

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One-time Purchase Option:

For those preferring ownership without a long-term commitment, MTN Lumos now offers a one-time purchase option on Jumia Nigeria’s website. The two available options are:

  1. Lumos Eco
  2. Lumos Prime

Customer Care:

For inquiries, users can contact MTN-Lumos customer care by dialing 180 and selecting the option for inquiries on MTN-Lumos mobile electricity service.


The MTN-Lumos solar inverter system emerges as a promising solution for Nigerians seeking reliable and affordable solar power. With flexible payment plans and the option for one-time purchases, it provides a versatile choice for households looking to escape the clutches of erratic power supply. Make the switch today and join the solar revolution with MTN-Lumos!

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