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Price of 32-inch TV Prices in Nigeria

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Television has become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as a hub for news, education, entertainment, and more. With a plethora of TV brands flooding the market, each offering various sizes, the 32-inch TV has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a balance between affordability and functionality in Nigeria. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of 32-inch TVs, highlighting top brands and their latest offers to help you make an informed decision.

Aida 32-inch TVs:

  1. Aida 32″ LED HD TV, Haier, 2-Year Warranty Black: ₦55,570
    • Experience HD quality with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Amani 32-inch TVs:

  1. Amani 32″ Inches Full HD Smart Android TV: ₦88,990
    • Enjoy smart features with Full HD quality for an immersive viewing experience.
  2. Amani 32″ Inches Full HD TV at a Promo Price: ₦64,980
    • Avail the latest promotion on a Full HD TV for an affordable entertainment upgrade.
  3. Amani 32” Inches Full HD LED TV Classic Design@ Promo Price: ₦69,900
    • Embrace classic design and Full HD resolution at a promotional rate.
  4. Amani 32″ Inch Full HD LED TV Latest Design: ₦99,000
    • Stay ahead with the latest TV design while enjoying Full HD clarity.
  5. Amani 32″ Inches Smart Full HD LED TV with 1 Year Warranty: ₦88,990
    • Combine smart features with a 1-year warranty for a reliable and intelligent TV.
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BUC 32-inch TVs:

  1. BUC 32” Inch Smart Android TV BUC 32LK50: ₦100,000
    • Immerse yourself in a smart TV experience with the BUC 32LK50.
  2. BUC 32 Inches Smart Television with Bluetooth for Home Theatre System and Wi-Fi: ₦92,000
    • Connect seamlessly with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for a versatile entertainment setup.

Dametek 32-inch TV:

  1. Dametek 32″ Inches HD LED TV + HDMI + USB: ₦54,500
    • Enjoy HD quality with multiple connectivity options for your devices.

Dexter 32-inch TVs:

  1. Dexter 32″ Inches Dexter LED TV: ₦58,500
    • Experience quality with the Dexter LED TV.
  2. Dexter 32″ Inches Top Quality LED TV: ₦79,500
    • Upgrade to top-quality LED viewing with Dexter.

Haier Thermocool 32-inch TV:

  1. Haier Thermocool 32-inch TV LED: ₦105,000
    • Invest in the reliability of Haier Thermocool with their 32-inch LED TV.

Hisense 32-inch TVs:

  1. Hisense 32 Inch FHD LED TV With Free Wall Bracket (A5200): ₦94,160
    • Get a free wall bracket with the Hisense A5200 for added convenience.
  2. Hisense 32-inch FHD LED TV With Free Wall Bracket: ₦85,000
    • Enjoy Full HD quality with a complimentary wall bracket.

Infinity 32-inch TVs:

  1. Infinity 32” FHD LED Digital Flat TV + Free Wall Hanger & HDMI Wire: ₦61,850
    • Elevate your viewing experience with a free wall hanger and HDMI wire.
  2. Infinity 32″ Inches Full HD LED TV, New: ₦60,000
    • Explore the latest in Full HD LED technology with Infinity.
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LG 32-inch TVs:

  1. LG 32” Inch Smart + Satellite Receiver Full HD TV: ₦149,900
    • Immerse yourself in smart features with LG’s Full HD TV.
  2. LG 32″ Full HD LED TV USB DivX, 2 HDMI, 1 AV DTV Free Channels-32LP500: ₦108,900
    • Enjoy versatile connectivity and DTV free channels with LG’s 32LP500.

Panasonic 32-inch TV:

  1. Panasonic 32-Inch LED Full HD Ready TV-32H400: ₦122,300
    • Experience Full HD quality with Panasonic’s LED TV.

Polystar 32-inch TVs:

  1. Polystar 32-Inch Smart LED TV, Free TV DVD Guard: ₦159,998
    • Benefit from a smart LED TV with a complimentary TV DVD guard.
  2. Polystar 32″ Inch Smart Curved TV With Netflix (1-year Warranty): ₦110,000
    • Enjoy the immersive viewing experience of a curved TV with Netflix.
  3. Polystar New Trend Energy Saving Smart Curve Digital TV, 32 Inches: ₦120,000
    • Stay energy-efficient with Polystar’s smart curve digital TV.

Samsonic 32-inch TV:

  1. Samsonic 32″ Inches Full HD LED TV Samsonic: ₦74,900
    • Discover Full HD quality with Samsonic’s LED TV.

UFC 32-Inch TVs:

  1. UFC 32 Inches TV Tiny Frame Black 2022 New: ₦90,000
    • Embrace a sleek design with UFC’s tiny frame TV.
  2. UFC 32″ Inches Quality, Full HD LED TV: ₦80,000
    • Enjoy quality Full HD viewing with UFC’s LED TV.
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Other 32-inch TVs:

  1. Transparent 32-inch Android Smart LED TV: ₦100,000
    • Explore the innovative features of a transparent Android smart LED TV.
  2. Maxi 32 LED FHD TV + 12 Months Warranty: ₦80,000
    • Benefit from a reliable LED FHD TV with a 12-month warranty.
  3. JVC 32” Inch Super Slim Full HD LED TV With Warranty: ₦70,000
    • Experience super-slim design and Full HD quality with JVC.
  4. Infinix 32” Inch Smart Android TV: ₦88,000
    • Immerse yourself in smart features with Infinix’s Android TV.
  5. Energy 32-Inch HD Digital Flat TV + Free Wall Hanger & HDMI Wire: ₦60,000
    • Enhance your viewing setup with a free wall hanger and HDMI wire.


Choosing the right 32-inch TV in Nigeria involves considering your budget, preferences, and the features offered by different brands. Whether you opt for the smart features of Amani or the reliability of LG and Haier Thermocool, this guide aims to simplify your decision-making process. Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts to make the most of your TV purchase.

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