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Prices of Inverter Batteries in Nigeria

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In recent times, the revolutionary impact of inverters on power generation and consumption has transformed the energy landscape in many parts of the world. Inverter batteries, the powerhouse of this technological marvel, have played a pivotal role in enabling the storage and utilization of electricity during power shortages. This blog post delves into the significance of inverter batteries, their modernized designs, and provides valuable insights into the prices and features of popular brands available in Nigeria.

The Evolution of Inverter Batteries:

Traditionally, batteries served as essential commodities for various purposes, including acting as alternative power sources. With the advent of modern inverter technology, batteries have taken on a new, sleek appearance with closed cases and fine plastic finishes. These upgraded designs not only complement interior aesthetics but also align with the diverse demands of homes and offices.

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Understanding Inverter Battery Prices in Nigeria:

For those seeking to invest in inverter batteries, understanding the prices and specifications is crucial. Here is a curated list of popular inverter batteries in Nigeria, shedding light on their features and price ranges:

  1. RITAR 12V/80AH Inverter Battery
    • Price Range: N89,000 – N95,000
    • Features: 12V capacity, 80AH, maintenance-free, and sealed.
  2. Mercury Deep Cycle Inverter Battery – Set of 2 – 200AH/12V
    • Price Range: N300,000 – N320,000
    • Features: Good match for inverters and UPS systems, efficient performance under extreme conditions, protection against leakages and corrosion.
  3. Mercury Elite Inverter Battery 12V 200AH Deep Cycle
    • Price Range: N225,000 – N250,000
    • Features: Suitable for extreme conditions, corrosion protection, deep discharge, and overcharge resistance.
  4. GACIA 12V 210A Inverter Telecom Battery – German Technology
    • Price Range: N220,000 – N260,000
    • Features: Ideal for communication systems, home, and office solutions, EPS and UPS systems.
  5. Genus 12V 200AH Inverter Battery
    • Price Range: N135,000 – N200,000
    • Features: Super-sealed, long-lasting, provides at least 12 hours of backup time.
  6. VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM LAD 150 12V 150AH Inverter Battery
    • Price Range: N142,500 – N190,000
    • Features: Johnsons Control Germany, 2 years warranty, possible 15 years lifespan, ideal for high-performance solar systems.
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Other Notable Inverter Batteries:

  • Universal Chef – 12v 100ah Deep Cycle Inverter Battery: N59,000 – N120,000
  • US 185 XC2 Flooded Lead Acid Battery 12V 200Ah: N138,500
  • Luminous – 200ah/12v Inverter Battery: N171,000 – N196,000
  • Jakson 12v 200ah Inverter Battery: N152,000 – N170,000
  • Sukam Inverter Battery 200AH/12V SMF: N160,000 – N196,000
  • Flames Inverter Battery 180AH/12V: N95,000 – N100,000
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Crucial Considerations When Choosing Inverter Batteries:

Inverter batteries come in various brands and sizes, with capacity (Voltage and AH) being the key determinants of cost. It is advisable to assess your power needs before making a purchase, whether for a small household inverter or a larger system catering to office and equipment requirements.


Armed with knowledge about the prices, features, and considerations for inverter batteries, you are now empowered to make informed decisions. Whether you’re looking to power a few household appliances or an entire office setup, the diverse range of inverter batteries in Nigeria offers solutions tailored to your specific needs. Stay tuned for more insightful information on renewable energy and power solutions.

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