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Rice Destoning Machine Prices in Nigeria

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Rice stands as a staple food in Nigeria and across the globe, with a crucial stage in its production being the destoning process. The manual destoning method was slow and inefficient, prompting the adoption of destoning machines. This post delves into the prices of rice destoning machines in Nigeria, offering insights into various models and their features.

Rice Destoning Machine Prices in Nigeria:

  1. India Rice Destoner High Quality With 2hp Vibrator – N970,000 – N1.2 million
    • 2 horsepower vibrator
    • 2 tons per hour capacity
    • Automatic and energy-efficient
    • Easy to operate
  2. Rice Destoning Machine – N920,000 – N1.1 million
    • 2 tons per hour capacity
    • 97 percent stone removal rate
    • Energy-efficient and versatile for various grains
  3. Rice Destoner and Polisher – N470,000 – N700,000
    • 500kg per hour capacity
    • Useful for destoning rice, peanuts, and wheat
    • High efficiency and easy setup
  4. Rice Destoning Machine – N380,000 – N550,000
    • 500kg per hour capacity
    • Efficient for small-grain rice and other grains
    • Easy to set up and operate
  5. Rice Stone and Sand Removing Machine (Model TQSC-22TQSC-28) – N790,000 – N920,000
    • 400kg to 1000 kg per hour capacity
    • Voltage: 220v 50hz, Power: 370w
    • Efficient with millet, beans, wheat, and other grains
  6. Rice Destoning Machine – N430,000 – N680,000
    • 600kg per hour capacity
    • Suitable for small-grain rice and other grains
    • High efficiency and easy operation
  7. Rice Destoning Machine – N850,000 – N1.2 million
    • 3-tonnes per hour capacity
    • Cleans rice grains perfectly
    • 5kw electric motor machine (2.2 horsepower)
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Note: Prices may vary by vendor and location; consider second-hand machines if budget constraints exist.

How to Start a Rice Mill Business in Nigeria:

  1. Understand the Business:
    • Acquire technical know-how through training programs.
    • Visit existing rice mills for firsthand knowledge.
  2. Feasibility Study:
    • Identify competitors, market demands, and equipment prices.
    • Structure your business based on study findings.
  3. Write a Business Plan:
    • Develop a roadmap for your business.
    • Attract investors with a well-detailed plan.
  4. Acquire a Production Site:
    • Choose a location near raw material sources and markets.
    • Ensure accessibility, power supply, and water availability.
  5. Acquire Machinery:
    • Purchase machinery from trusted sources.
    • Employ qualified personnel for maintenance.
  6. Sourcing Raw Materials:
    • Start a rice farm or connect with local farmers.
    • Ensure high-quality rice paddy for a valuable end product.
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Embarking on a rice milling business in Nigeria can be lucrative, given the high demand for rice. Understanding the intricacies, conducting thorough research, and investing in quality equipment are key steps toward success. Whether you’re exploring the market for destoning machines or planning the overall setup, this guide provides valuable insights for a successful venture.

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