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Toyota Highlander 2008 Prices in Nigeria

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The Toyota Highlander has stood the test of time as a reliable and efficient midsize SUV, dominating the market with its rugged design and smooth functionality. In this blog post, we delve into the details of the 2008 Toyota Highlander, exploring its prices in the Nigerian market, both for Tokunbo (foreign used) and locally used models.

Prices of Toyota Highlander 2008 in Nigeria – Tokunbo/Foreign Used:

The 2008 Toyota Highlander represents a significant leap forward in design and style compared to its predecessors, making it a sought-after model in the foreign used car market. Prices range from N6.5 million, with variations attributed to factors such as currency exchange rates, custom clearance fees, and the vehicle’s condition. Despite the emergence of newer models, the 2008 Highlander maintains its appeal in the foreign used market due to its enduring durability and efficiency.

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Prices of Locally Used Toyota Highlander 2008 in Nigeria:

Locally used 2008 Toyota Highlanders offer an affordable alternative, with prices starting from N4.2 million. Factors influencing pricing include the vehicle’s condition, cleanliness, and the location of purchase. The Highlander’s reputation for ruggedness and durability has contributed to its dominance in the local market, offering a compelling choice for those seeking a midsize SUV with a balance of functionality, durability, and affordability.

The 2008 Toyota Highlander introduces a new design and enhanced features, presenting a larger, roomier, and more stylish midsize SUV. Available in three trim levels – base, Sport, and Limited – and two Hybrid models, the Highlander caters to diverse preferences. Standard features include air conditioning, three-row seating for seven passengers, and a fold-flat third row. Despite ease of access to the first two rows, the third row may prove tight and uncomfortable for adults.

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What You’ll Love About the 2008 Toyota Highlander:

  1. Reliability: The Highlander is renowned for its reliability in the midsize SUV market.
  2. Roomy Interior: With the capacity to comfortably accommodate four adults in the rear and an optional third row, the Highlander provides ample space.
  3. Smooth Ride: The powerful engine ensures a comfortable and smooth driving experience.
  4. Fuel Economy: While SUVs typically have higher fuel consumption rates, the Highlander maintains relatively high fuel efficiency compared to its class.
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Considerations for Potential Buyers:

  1. Tight Third-Row Seat: Despite its roomy interior, the third-row seat may be tight and uncomfortable for adults.
  2. Interior Material: Some users have expressed concerns about the quality of interior materials, including the seats.


The 2008 Toyota Highlander stands out as a reliable and efficient midsize SUV in the Nigerian market. Whether opting for a foreign used or locally used model, buyers can enjoy the Highlander’s durability, functionality, and affordability. As newer models emerge, the 2008 Highlander remains a noteworthy choice for those seeking a trustworthy and stylish midsize SUV. Prices are subject to various factors, making it essential for buyers to consider their preferences and budget when making a purchase.

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