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1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria

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Agriculture stands as the cornerstone of human existence, providing sustenance and income for individuals and entire nations. In recent times, technological advancements have revolutionized the agricultural sector, replacing traditional tools like hoes and cutlasses with efficient machinery. One vital component powering these agricultural giants is the diesel engine, particularly the 1115 diesel engine in Nigeria.

Understanding 1115 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria

For farmers seeking to enhance their agricultural processes, knowledge of the current market prices for 1115 diesel engines is crucial. Here’s a snapshot of popular models and their prices as of July 15, 2023:

  1. 1130 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N490,000
  2. 195 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N370,000
  3. 175 Original Sifang Diesel Generator Engine With Key Starter: From N200,000
  4. Automatic 1115 Diesel Engine With Alternator 10kva: From N650,000
  5. 1115 Fagge Diesel Engine: From N426,000
  6. Sifang 1115 Diesel Engine: From N680,000
  7. 30kva Sifang DIESEL Soundproof Generator 100% Coil: From N750,000
  8. 30kva Original Sifang Diesel Generator With Key, 100% Copper: From N950,000
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Note: Prices are subject to market fluctuations, including exchange rates, customs duty, and government policies. Variations based on location may also apply.

Advantages of Using Diesel Engines in Agriculture

Farmers increasingly prefer diesel engines over gasoline engines for several reasons, especially in agriculture. Here are key advantages:

1. Less Maintenance

Diesel engines have fewer moving parts compared to gasoline engines, resulting in less wear and tear. Without spark plugs or distributor caps, diesel engines boast increased durability, requiring less frequent replacements.

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2. More Horsepower and Torque

Diesel engines deliver higher horsepower and torque, providing the necessary power for agricultural machinery. This advantage is evident in the robust performance of vehicles using diesel engines.

3. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a critical factor for agricultural engines. Diesel engines feature a highly efficient compression-ignition system, resulting in higher energy output and less fuel consumption compared to gasoline engines.

Specifications of 1115 Diesel Engines in Nigeria

Understanding the specifications of 1115 diesel engines is essential for making informed purchase decisions. Here are the specifications for the Diesel Engine with Key Starter 1115 Model:

  • Model: 1115 Model
  • Starting Method: Hand cranking/Electric starting
  • Features: Single-cylinder, 4-stroke
  • Weight: 180,000 grams
  • Ignition Mode: Compression-Ignition
  • Cooling Cylinder: Water-Cooled
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Number of Strokes: Four-Stroke
  • Number of Cylinders: Single-Cylinder
  • Type: Combustion Engine
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These specifications ensure that the 1115 diesel engine is well-suited for the demands of agricultural applications.


As agriculture continues to evolve, the role of technology and efficient machinery, powered by reliable diesel engines, becomes increasingly vital. By understanding the prices, advantages, and specifications of 1115 diesel engines in Nigeria, farmers can make informed choices, ensuring the success and sustainability of their agricultural endeavors. For the latest prices, stay tuned for regular updates, considering market fluctuations and regional variations. Choose the power that drives agriculture forward – choose the 1115 diesel engine.

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