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195 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria

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In the ever-evolving landscape of engines, diesel engines have secured their place as powerhouses, gaining popularity globally despite the fluctuating diesel prices. The surge in demand is attributed to their multifunctionality and efficiency, outshining their gasoline counterparts. One notable player in this domain is the 195 diesel engine, designed to handle a myriad of tasks. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the applications, workings, and prices of the 195 diesel engine in Nigeria.

195 Diesel Engine Prices in Nigeria:

Navigating the market for a 195 diesel engine can be challenging, with prices subject to various factors.

  1. 195 Diesel Engine With 7.5kva Alternator: From N650,000
  2. Delmar 195 Diesel Engine with 7.5kva Alternator with Channel Coupled: From N400,000
  3. Diesel Generator Engine 195: From N370,000
  4. Changhai S195 Diesel Engine: From N400,000
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Please note that these prices are subject to change due to factors like government policies, customs duty, and company policies.

Types of Diesel Engines and How They Work:

Diesel engines, also known as internal combustion engines, convert chemical energy from diesel fuel into mechanical energy. Classifying them based on the number of strokes required for a combustion process, we have:

  1. Four-Stroke Diesel Engines:
    • Mainly used in bikes and cars.
    • Four strokes: Intake, Compression, Combustion, Expansion, Exhaust.
  2. Two-Stroke Diesel Engines:
    • Also known as two-cycle engines.
    • Two strokes: Intake of fuel and compression or air mixture, Compression, Expansion, Removal of exhaust gases.
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Regardless of the type, all diesel engines follow a general working principle:

  • Step 1: Suction of air followed by compression.
  • Step 2: Injection of fuel at high temperatures and pressures.
  • Step 3: Combustion resulting in piston movement.
  • Step 4: Exhaust of combustion gases.
  • Step 5: Repeat.

Benefits and Challenges of Diesel Engines:

Choosing diesel engines over gasoline engines offers several advantages:

  • Higher efficiency and durability.
  • Lower maintenance requirements.
  • Increased torque and horsepower.
  • No need for spark plugs and distributor caps.
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However, challenges include the heavier weight of diesel engines, limited high-speed performance efficiency, and the rising cost of diesel.

Applications of Diesel Engines:

The versatility of diesel engines extends to various applications, including:

  • Buses and trucks.
  • Cargo and cruise ships.
  • Construction equipment.
  • Diesel generators.
  • Farming equipment.
  • Locomotives.


In the dynamic world of engines, the 195 diesel engine stands out as a reliable and versatile option. Understanding its applications, workings, and market prices equips potential buyers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. As diesel engines continue to evolve, their efficiency and adaptability make them a formidable force across diverse industries.

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