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All-in-one Desktop Computers & Prices in Nigeria

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In an era where computer systems play an integral role in our daily lives, the convenience and ease of operation offered by all-in-one desktop computers have made them increasingly popular. Although these all-in-one desktops may come with a higher price tag compared to separate desktops or laptops, their streamlined design and user-friendly features make them a worthwhile investment.

If you’re considering purchasing an all-in-one desktop in Nigeria, it’s crucial to be aware of the diverse options available in the market. In this post, we’ll delve into the prices of some common and reputable brands to help you make an informed decision.

HP All-in-One Desktops:

  2. Hp ALL-IN-ONE 22-DD2270NH PC- 12TH GEN – From N465,000
  3. Hp 200 G4 All-In-One 22″ Fhd/ Core I5-10210u – From N485,000
  4. Hp 200 G4 22 All-in-One Desktop Intel Pentium – From N327,980
  5. HP 200 G3 Non-touch All-in-one Desktop – From N327,980
  6. Hp 200 G4 22 ALL IN ONE PC –From N393,100
  7. Hp AIO 200 G4 Intel Core I3 – From N329,300
  8. Hp 200 G4 22 All-In-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – From N340,000
  9. Hp AIO INTEL CORE I3 – From N487,000
  10. Hp ProOne 400 G2 AlO I3– From N320,000
  11. Hp ENVY 31.5″ 4K All-In-One Core I7 – From N3,000,000
  12. Hp 200 G4 All In One 10th Gen – From N484,000
  13. Hp EliteOne 800 G8 24 All-in-One PC – From N1,210,000
  14. Hp 22-DF0013 ALL-IN-ONE Celeron® G5905T – From N350,000
  15. Hp 200 G4 ALL IN ONE DESKTOP 21.5″ Intel® Core™ I5– From N493,910
  16. Hp Compaq 6000 Pro Core2 Aio Business Computer – From N260,000
  17. Hp ProOne 400 G2 AlO I3– From N380,000
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Lenovo All-in-One Desktops:

  1. Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo-22″ – AIO – From N210,000
  2. Lenovo V130-20IGM All-In-One Pentium–From N249,590
  3. Lenovo V30a-22 AIO- 10th Gen Core I3 – From N440,900
  4. Lenovo V50a AIO (24″) – 4GB/1TB SSD – Corei7– From N530,000
  5. Lenovo V50a AIO (24″) – 4GB/1TB SSD – Corei3 – From N315,000
  6. Lenovo V130 Intel Celeron– From N248,000
  7. Lenovo FLEX 5 X360 Core™ I3 – From N310,000
  8. Lenovo V30A 24 ALL IN ONE – CORE-I3-1005G1 – From N445,200
  9. Lenovo S200z All-in-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – From N275,900
  10. Lenovo All-in-One Intel Celeron System – From N363,000
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Acer All-in-One Desktops:

  1. Acer Veriton Z All-in-one Intel Core I5 Desktop –From N365,000
  2. Acer ASPIRE C27-962-UA91– From N650,000

Dell All-in-One Desktops:

  1. Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-one Intel Core I5 Desktop 6980SAP – From N400,000
  2. Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-one Intel Core I3 Desktop 7583SAP – From N350,000
  3. DELL INSPIRON 5400 AIO INTEL CORE I5 11TH GEN – From N948,000
  4. DELL INSPIRON 7700 ALL-IN-ONE 11TH GEN – From N1,349,000
  5. DELL Inspiron 27 I7 All-in-One – From N1,250,000
  6. DELL OptiPlex 9030 COREi5 – From N400,000

Other Brands:

  1. Teclast 22 Air All-in-one AIO Desktop Computer – From N200,000
  2. Onebot L2416 23.8 inches All-in-one Computer Desktop Dual Core G45 – From N351,000
  3. Samsung All-in-one Desktop Computer Series 5 – From N350,000
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Things to Consider When Buying an All-in-One Desktop:

  1. Display Size: When choosing an all-in-one desktop, consider the display size for optimal viewing experience. Larger screens, ranging from 20 inches to 4K, are ideal for multi-view tasks and provide better performance.
  2. Specs: Pay attention to the specifications, opting for true quad-core processors for graphic-based tasks. Ensure a minimum system memory of 6GB to 8GB for smoother performance, especially for heavier tasks.
  3. Brand: Stick to reputable brands with a proven track record for reliability and quality assurance.

Before making a purchase, confirm current market prices and note that specifications directly impact the final cost. This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process and enhance your understanding of the essential factors to consider when investing in an all-in-one desktop. Happy shopping!

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