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Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria & Prices

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Poultry farming, particularly broiler farming, has emerged as a lucrative business in Nigeria. Achieving optimal growth for broilers requires the right feed, rich in essential nutrients. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best broiler feeds available in Nigeria, including their prices. This information aims to assist poultry farmers in making informed decisions for their flocks.

Best Broiler Feeds in Nigeria

  1. Hybrid Broiler Super Starter |Mash | Crumble
    • Price: From ₦7,250
  2. Broiler Finisher Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦7,970
  3. TopFeeds Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦8,150
  4. TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦8,150
  5. Super Starter for Broiler Chicks (TopFeeds Brand | Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦8,200
  6. Broiler Starter (Top Feeds Brand) 25kg
    • Price: From ₦8,300
  7. Top Feeds Broiler Finisher (Mash | 25kg)
    • Price: From ₦8,300
  8. Ultima Finisher Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦8,975
  9. Ultima Starter Pellet for Broilers (Olam) 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦8,975
  10. Ultima Super Starter Pellet for Broilers – 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦9,125
  11. Broiler Grower Feed (Hendrix Brand | 25kg)
    • Price: From ₦9,250
  12. Broiler Grower Pellets | Hendrix Feeds | 25kg Bag
    • Price: From ₦9,450
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Considerations for Choosing the Best Broiler Feed

Before selecting a broiler feed for your farm, consider the following factors:

  1. Nutrient Content: Ensure the feed provides a balanced diet for proper development.
  2. Age of the Birds: Different feeds cater to various growth stages.
  3. Health of the Feed: Choose feeds with high-quality ingredients.
  4. Brand Name and Reputation: Established brands often signify reliability.
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Recommended Broiler Feed Brands

  1. Vital Feed
    • A pioneer in the Nigerian livestock sector, known for superior agricultural products.
    • Wide availability through depots and distributors.
  2. Stellar Feeds
    • Affordable and nutrient-rich feed from Konet Mill Limited.
    • Offers consultancy services in farm management, nutrition, and health.
  3. Animal Care Feeds
    • Provides additional services such as farm management and health consultancy.
    • Follows strict manufacturing standards for quality assurance.
  4. Top Feeds
    • Under Premier Feed Mills, a leading producer in Nigeria.
    • Offers a complete range of high-quality animal feeds with consultancy services.
  5. Ultima and Chikun Feeds by Olam Animal Feed Mill
    • Subsidiaries of Olam Group, ensuring high-quality feeds.
    • Complies with national and international animal feed standards.
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Choosing the right broiler feed is crucial for the success of your poultry farming venture. Consider the nutrient content, age of the birds, and the reputation of the brand. The recommended brands, including Vital Feed, Stellar Feeds, Animal Care Feeds, Top Feeds, and Ultima/Chikun Feeds, stand out for their commitment to quality and additional support services.

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