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Canon Printers & Prices in Nigeria

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In the realm of high-efficiency printers, Canon has emerged as a standout brand, holding a solid reputation globally and particularly in the Nigerian market. Known for their accessibility and stellar performance, Canon printers cater to various needs, from the basic Pixma series to the robust Image Runner printers. This guide aims to provide an updated overview of Canon printer series and their corresponding prices in the Nigerian market as of 2023.

Canon Pixma Series:

  1. Canon Pixma G2411 All-In-One Printer – Print, Scan & Copy (LC): N105,000 – N160,000
  2. Canon Pixma E414 Inkjet Photo Printer (All-In-One) Print, Scan & Copy (LC): N20,000 – N40,000
  3. Canon Pixma E474 All In One Inkjet Photo Printer (LC): N36,000 – N45,000
  4. Canon Pixma MG24540S Inkjet Printer (LC): N16,000 – N25,000
  5. Canon Pixma Ip2840 A4 Single Function Inkjet Printer (LC): N16,000 – N30,000
  6. Canon G3410 Pixma Multi-Function (Print + Scan + Copy) Color Inkjet (LC): N97,000 – N120,000
  7. Canon PIXMA G2400 All In One Printer: N65,000 – N80,000
  8. Canon Pixma G4400 Printer (LC): N205,000 – N215,000
  9. Canon PIXMA All In One Wireless G3400 Printer (LC): N97,000 – N120,000
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Canon Image-Runner Series:

  1. Canon Image Runner IR6555I Printer: N2.5 million – N3.3 million
  2. Canon Colour Image Runner IRC3530i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine: N1.73 million – N2 million
  3. Canon Image Runner Advance C3520i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine: N1.38 million – N2 million
  4. Canon Image Runner C3525i (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine: N1.9 million – N2.2 million
  5. Canon IR 4245i Copier Machine, Printer, scanner, and copier machine Memory Size: 1.75 GB (EJ): N1.8 million – N2 million
  6. Canon Image Runner IR 4545I (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine: N2.8 million – N3.2 million
  7. Canon Image-runner 4245i + Dadf-Aa1 Document Feeder (LC): N1.4 million – N2 million
  8. Canon Image-Runner 2530i Copier (LC): N1,750,000 – N2 million
  9. Canon Image-runner Ir2525 A3 Multifunction Printer/Copier (LC): N809,000 – N820,000
  10. Canon Image Runner 2525 Photocopier (EJ) Printer, scanner, and copier machine: N820,000 – N1,480,000
  11. Canon Image-Runner 2206n Copier|50/60 Hz A3 and A4 (EJ): N323,660 – N350,000
  12. Canon Image Runner IR2204N (Copier) LC: N370,000 – N400,000
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Canon I-SENSYS Series:

  1. Canon I-Sensys LASER LP 6030w (LC): N80,000 – N90,000
  2. Canon I-Sensys LBP611Cn (LC): N170,000 – N200,000
  3. Canon I-Sensys Mf231 Monochrome 3-In-1 Laser Printer (LC): N120,000 – N150,000
  4. Canon I-Sensys Lbp7018c Laserjet Colour Printer (LC): N105,000 – N190,000
  5. Canon I-Sensys LBP214DW A4 Mono Laser Printer (LC): N90,000 – N98,000
  6. Canon I-Sensys LBP 151 DW Laser Printer (LC): N112,200 – N120,000
  7. Canon I-Sensys LBP251dw (LC): N165,000 – N180,000
  8. Canon I-Sensys MF512x (LC): N503,475 – N520,000
  9. Canon I-Sensys Lbp712cx Laser Printers (LC): N323,700 – N350,000
  10. Canon I-Sensys Mf732cdw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer (LC): N250,000 – N280,000
  11. Canon MF232W Digital Multifunction Printer (LC): N90,000 – N100,000
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Canon Maxify Series:

  1. Canon Maxify Mb2140 Multifunction Inkjet Wireless Printer (LC): N85,000 – N120,000
  2. Canon Maxify IB4140 Printer (LC): N83,000 – N90,000


Canon printers have become synonymous with reliability and quality in the printing industry. From the versatile Pixma series to the powerful Image Runner and I-SENSYS series, Canon offers a range of printers to suit diverse needs. The prices provided are as of September 4, 2022, and it’s advisable to verify current prices due to potential fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Whether purchased from Canon outlets, local stores, or e-commerce platforms, Canon printers are easily accessible, with delivery options available across Nigeria. Embrace the exceptional print quality and user-friendly designs that make Canon printers a preferred choice in the market.

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