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Hotels in Jalingo, Taraba

Top Hotels in Jalingo, Taraba

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Are you yearning for a getaway in the serene landscapes of Jalingo, Taraba, Nigeria?

Imagine a place where luxury meets affordability, and comfort harmonizes with convenience. Well, your dream stay is just a click away.

Join me on an enticing journey through the top hotels in Jalingo, Taraba, where each accommodation promises a unique experience tailored to meet your desires.


Picture yourself at STAR EXCLUSIVE HOTELS, located opposite Taraba State University, Jalingo.

This haven offers a perfect blend of elegance and affordability, with an average nightly rate of ₦8,500.

With a commendable rating of 6.0, based on a glowing review, this hotel guarantees a delightful stay in the heart of Jalingo.

Utopia Hotel

Embrace simplicity and charm at Utopia Hotel, situated before Catholic Cathedral Mile 6. Priced at just ₦2,000 per night, this hotel offers a budget-friendly option for travelers.

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While specific reviews are not available, Utopia Hotel provides a cozy retreat for those seeking a peaceful ambiance.

Sanaf Suite

Indulge in comfort at Sanaf Suite, located opposite Catholic Cathedral Mile 6. With an average rate of ₦6,900 per night and a rating of 5.2, this hotel offers a pleasant stay experience. Discover the warmth of Taraba’s hospitality while residing in this inviting haven.

Bizare Hotel

Bizare Hotel, situated on Yola Road, P.O Box 13 Zing, invites you to experience its unique charm. With an average nightly rate of ₦7,500, this hotel promises a memorable stay in Jalingo. Unwind in the cozy ambiance of this hotel after a day of exploration in Taraba.

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Yukuben Hotels & Tourism

Immerse yourself in luxury at Yukuben Hotels & Tourism, located behind Road Safety, Off FGGC Road.

This hotel offers opulence with an average rate of ₦10,000 per night and a stellar rating of 10.0, based on an outstanding review.

Revel in the exquisite amenities and personalized service of this top-rated establishment.

Alkun Hotel

Alkun Hotel, opposite 1004 Phase 3 Turaki Ward, offers a unique stay experience in Jalingo.

With an average rate of ₦6,500 per night, this hotel provides a budget-friendly option for travelers.

While reviews indicate a fair rating, Alkun Hotel ensures a comfortable stay for guests.

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Kutso Lodge

Discover the simplicity of Kutso Lodge, located in the heart of Jalingo. While specific rates are not provided, this lodge offers affordable accommodation for budget-conscious travelers. Experience the essence of Taraba’s hospitality in this welcoming lodge.

Karipwa Hotels

Nestled along Yola Road, opposite Transport Company, Karipwa Hotels offers a convenient stay option. While specific rates are not available, this hotel provides a comfortable base for your adventures in Jalingo.

Taraba State Hotel

Explore the heritage of Jalingo at Taraba State Hotel, situated in the heart of the city. While specific rates are not mentioned, this hotel offers a central location and convenient access to Taraba’s attractions.

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