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Chicken Feeds Price List in Nigeria

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When it comes to raising chickens, the importance of quality feed cannot be overstated. Whether you’re managing broilers or layers, providing high-quality feed is crucial for the optimal growth and development of your flock. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate world of chicken feeds, exploring the various types available and presenting a detailed price list to help you make informed decisions for your poultry venture.

Types of Chicken Feed:

Understanding the different categories of chicken feed is essential, as each is formulated to cater to the specific nutritional needs of birds at different stages of development.

  1. Starter Feed:
    • Given to chicks at the earliest stage of development.
    • Typically in crumble form for easy consumption.
    • Contains approximately 20 percent crude protein to promote rapid growth.
  2. Grower Feed:
    • Administered from day-old to around 20 weeks.
    • Usually formulated with 18 to 20 percent crude protein.
    • A cost-effective option suitable for various age groups.
  3. Layers Mash:
    • Specifically designed for laying hens.
    • Higher crude protein content compared to grower feed to support egg production.
  4. Broiler Feed:
    • Used after chicks have outgrown starter feed.
    • Contains around 20 to 22 percent crude protein to meet the needs of broilers.
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Chicken Feed Price List in Nigeria :

  1. GroGel Plus B (Unique Hydrating Gel with Probiotics for Day Old Chicks): ₦1,850
  2. Growers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: ₦6,470
  3. Layers Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: ₦6,650
  4. Hybrid Feeds Layer Mash – 25kg Bag: ₦6,650
  5. Top Feeds Grower Mash – 25kg Bag: ₦6,650
  6. TopFeeds Grower Mash – 25kg: ₦6,800
  7. Pre-Lay Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: ₦6,850
  8. Chick Mash (Hybrid Brand) – 25kg Bag: ₦6,870
  9. Topfeed for Layers (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: ₦6,950
  10. Topfeeds Layer Mash – 25kg: ₦7,200
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choosing the right chicken feed is paramount for successful poultry farming. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the types of feeds available and their respective prices. Stay informed, plan your budget wisely, and consider the specific needs of your flock at each stage of development. Always purchase from reputable sources to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the feed for your chickens’ well-being.

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