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Egg Incubator Prices in Nigeria

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In the dynamic world of poultry farming, egg incubators have become indispensable tools for ensuring optimal conditions for egg development and hatching. This post will delve into the diverse market of egg incubators in Nigeria, providing an insightful overview of their types, specifications, and prices. Whether you’re a seasoned poultry farmer or a newcomer to the industry, this guide aims to simplify your decision-making process.

Understanding Egg Incubators Egg incubators, mechanical marvels designed to regulate temperature and humidity, offer a superior alternative to natural hatching. Scientific research supports their efficiency, attributing it to their ability to hatch multiple eggs simultaneously with a high success rate.

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Classifying Egg Incubators by Type and Purpose Egg incubators are broadly classified into two categories: industrial and portable. In this guide, we’ll focus on pricing, presenting an array of options within each category.

Industrial Egg Incubators

  1. 2,880 Chicken Egg Capacity KGE Incubator (120M24 Model)
    • Price Range: N2.5 million – N3.1 million
    • Specifications:
      • 1 KVA power rating
      • 10 hatching baskets
      • 2 trolleys
      • Digital display control panel
      • Electrical heating system
  2. 10,080 Chicken Egg Capacity KGE Incubator (120M96 Model)
    • Price Range: N5.6 million – N6.2 million
    • Specifications:
      • 10,080 chicken egg capacity
      • 2 KVA power rating
      • Digital temperature regulator
      • 40 hatching baskets
      • Spray nozzle humidity system
  3. KGE-34272 (Electric-Powered)
    • Price Range: N19 million – N21 million
    • Specifications:
      • Capacity: 34,272 eggs
      • Cooling type: Water/air cool
      • Power rating: 8KW
      • Turning system: Motor gear type
  4. 18,720 Chicken Egg Capacity KGE Incubator (120M120 Model)
    • Price Range: N8.9 million – N9.6 million
    • Specifications:
      • 18,720 chicken egg capacity
      • 3 KVA power rating
      • 10 trolleys
      • Digital timer display
      • Spray nozzle humidity system
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Portable Egg Incubators

  1. Portable Incubator (48, 60, 96, 120, 180 Eggs Capacity)
    • Price Range: N95,000 – N150,000
    • Specifications:
      • Electric Powered
      • Temperature and Humidity Alarm
      • Automatic Egg-Turning Sensors
  2. Mini Incubator for 180 Chicken Eggs (138W-220VAC-50Hz)
    • Price Range: N375,000 – N500,000
    • Specifications:
      • Adapted for Electricity/Solar Power
      • 75AH Battery
  3. 1056 Eggs Capacity Incubator (Portable and Fully Automated)
    • Price Range: N715,000 – N850,000
    • Specifications:
      • Electric Powered (500W)
  4. 500 Eggs Capacity Incubator (Fully Automated)
    • Price Range: N470,000 – N550,000
    • Specifications:
      • Portable
      • Electric Powered (500W)
  5. Egg Incubators 180 – 320 eggs Capacity
    • Price Range: N130,000 – N150,000
  6. KGE 240 eggs incubator (200W, 220VAC/59Hz)
    • Price Range: N378,000 – N480,000
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Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision based on your needs and preferences. Please note that prices are subject to change, and it’s advisable to verify with vendors or consider local variations. Happy hatching!

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