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Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In the heart of Nigerian kitchens, groundnut oil once reigned supreme, serving as the go-to cooking oil for a myriad of dishes, from fried delicacies to staple meals like jollof rice and spaghetti. Today, as vegetable oil gains popularity, the process behind groundnut oil extraction remains a mystery to many. In this blog post, we delve into the lucrative world of groundnut oil production, exploring the extraction process and shedding light on the diverse range of machines available, along with their prices.

The Art of Groundnut Oil Extraction:

Groundnut oil extraction is a fascinating journey that involves intricate machinery and technical expertise. The process unfolds in three crucial stages:

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1. Seeds Preparation:

The journey begins with meticulous seed preparation. This manual process involves selecting high-quality groundnut seeds, eliminating impurities like dust, sand, plant debris, and tiny rocks. The seeds are then broken into smaller pieces to facilitate milling. Moisture content is carefully controlled through conditioning before moving on to the next stage.

2. Pressing:

The pressing stage, the heart of production, employs a screw pressing machine loaded with carefully selected groundnut seeds. The screw warms and presses the groundnuts, gradually forcing out the oil. Rising temperatures enhance oil output, and the fresh, albeit crude, groundnut oil emerges through small holes beneath the chamber.

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3. Refining:

The final stage involves refining the fresh groundnut oil obtained from pressing. The oil undergoes filtration to remove impurities. Subsequently, it goes through three refining stages: neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization, resulting in a purified and high-quality groundnut oil ready for consumption.

Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Prices in Nigeria:

For those venturing into groundnut oil production, the choice of extraction machine is crucial. Here is a curated list of selected machines and their prices as of June 9, 2023:

  • Rapeseed Oil Press Machine Sunflower Oil Seed Press Machine Groundnut Oil Expeller: From N1,518,400
  • Hot And Cold Oil Processing Machine/Commercial Soybean Coconut Oil Press Machine/Groundnut Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine: From N336,870
  • Vegetable Coconut Oil Pressers Full Automatic Groundnut Moringa Seed Soybean Cooking Oil Extraction Machine: From N55,014
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In the current economic landscape, considering a business venture is a prudent move. Groundnut oil extraction and processing present a promising and profitable choice. As an essential commodity, the demand for quality groundnut oil remains consistent. Whether for large-scale industrial production or small-scale operations, investing in the right extraction machine can pave the way for success in this thriving industry.

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