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Honda Discussion Continues: Prices in Nigeria

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In the dynamic world of automobiles, Honda stands as a beacon of excellence, blending sophistication, durability, and creativity in each model. Among the sought-after vehicles in Nigeria, Honda’s Discussion Continues, particularly the 2006/2007 Honda Accord, remains a timeless benchmark for mid-sized sedans. Let’s delve into the captivating discussion surrounding this iconic model and its prevalence in the Nigerian automotive landscape.

The Legacy of Discussion Continues

The 2006/2007 Honda Accord, fondly dubbed “Discussion Continues,” has etched its name into automotive history. While not solely acclaimed for having the best engine, chassis, or styling, it seamlessly combines a robust engine, well-balanced chassis, and striking aesthetics. Its release into the mainstream market left an indelible mark, earning it the affectionate Nigerian moniker, “Discussion Continues.”

Evolution from End of Discussion

A significant upgrade from the 2003-2005 End of Discussion model, the Accord Discussion Continues boasts superior features. With enhanced transmission, increased engine strength, improved body balance, and a more appealing style, it rectifies any haste in declaring a champion in the earlier model years. A sedan or coupe that excels in every aspect, the Honda Accord Discussion Continues captivates consumers seeking perfection on the road.

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Prices and Market Trends

In Nigeria, the automobile market welcomes foreign-used cars, known as Tokunbo or Belgium cars. The Discussion Continues enjoys a high resale value, making it a preferred choice. For the 2006/2007 model, here’s a breakdown of Tokunbo prices:

  • 2006 – From 4 million Naira
  • 2007 – From 4.2 million Naira

Locally used Discussion Continues cars vary in price due to factors like the car owner’s expectations, engine capacity, transmission, accident history, and interior condition. On average, a Nigerian-used Honda Accord 2006/2007 may cost around 1.75 million Naira.

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Key Points and Updates

the Honda Accord Discussion Continues remains a popular choice. In 2005, the model underwent a mid-generation refresh for the 2006 release, offering four-door sedans, a two-door coupe, and a Hybrid. Notable upgrades included increased engine power and the introduction of a 6-speed manual transmission for the V6 sedan.

Why Choose Honda Accord Discussion Continues?

  1. Excellent Engine Performance: Both the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines deliver powerful performance.
  2. Stylish Interior: The 2006/2007 Accord boasts a spacious and aesthetically pleasing interior with user-friendly controls.
  3. Well-Balanced Chassis: Offering a smooth and reliable driving experience, the Accord ensures comfort on the road.
  4. High Resale Value: With a strong second-hand market presence, the Discussion Continues maintains its value over time.
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Considerations for Buyers

While the Honda Accord Discussion Continues impresses on various fronts, potential buyers should note its drawbacks:

  1. Disappointing Fuel Economy: The Hybrid sedan may not meet expectations in terms of fuel efficiency.
  2. Pricing for Higher Trims: Opting for advanced trim levels and optional features can increase the overall cost.


the Honda Accord 2006/2007 – Discussion Continues is a captivating blend of style, performance, and reliability. As an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded midsize sedan, it stands as a testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence. Whether navigating the bustling streets of Nigeria or embarking on a long journey, the Accord Discussion Continues promises an exceptional driving experience.

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