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Toyota Corolla 2012 Price in Nigeria

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In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s automobile market, one name has stood the test of time – the Toyota Corolla. Boasting a production history of over four decades and an impressive global sales record exceeding 33 million units, the 2012 Toyota Corolla continues to shine as one of Africa’s best-selling sedans. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of this enduring vehicle, exploring its market prices, features, and why it remains a sought-after choice in Nigeria.

2012 Toyota Corolla Price in Nigeria:

Brand New Prices:

  • Toyota Corolla 2012 LE: From N9 million
  • Toyota Corolla 2012 S: From N7.5 million
  • Toyota Corolla 2012 CE: From N7 million

Tokunbo (Foreign Used) Prices:

  • Toyota Corolla 2012 S: From N6.5 million
  • Toyota Corolla 2012 LE: From N6 million
  • Toyota Corolla 2012 Base L: From N5.5 million
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For those opting for the foreign-used market, prices can vary around N5.5 million, contingent on factors like currency exchange rates, custom clearance fees, and the car’s condition.

Locally Used 2012 Toyota Corolla:

Toyota’s reputation for reliability and durability extends to the second-hand market in Nigeria. Locally used 2012 Toyota Corolla models can be acquired for approximately N4 million, with factors such as the vehicle’s condition, neatness, and circumstances surrounding the sale influencing the final price.

Why Choose the 2012 Toyota Corolla:

Reliability and Ruggedness: The 2012 Toyota Corolla exemplifies the brand’s commitment to producing durable and solid sedans. Known for longevity, this model assures buyers of a vehicle designed to withstand the test of time.

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Key Features of the 2012 Toyota Corolla:

  • Three trim levels: L, Sporty S, and deluxe LE
  • Upgraded audio systems in LE and S models
  • Comprehensive safety equipment
  • Power windows, locks, and remote keyless entry
  • Corolla LE features cruise control, heated mirrors, and intermittent wipers
  • Sport model with sport front seats, color-matched spoilers, and 16-inch alloy wheels

Safety First:

The 2012 Corolla prioritizes safety with six strategically placed airbags, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Antilock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, and a tire-pressure monitor. The Smart Stop Technology brake-override system further enhances safety features.

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Driving Experience and Interior Comfort:

The 2012 Corolla delivers a comfortable and easy driving experience. With a sleek interior design, straightforward controls, and minimal distractions, this sedan provides a polished and attractive cabin. Comfy seats and user-friendly features make every journey a pleasant one.


In a market saturated with choices, the 2012 Toyota Corolla stands out as a reliable, efficient, and durable option. Whether you opt for a brand new model or a foreign or locally used one, the 2012 Corolla continues to embody Toyota’s legacy of quality. Experience the timeless appeal of this sedan, where class and elegance meet a solid automobile setting.

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