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Hotels in Surulere and Prices List

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Surulere, the bustling local government area in Lagos State, is not just the heartbeat of sports in the region, but also a thriving hub of diverse activities. From sports events to movie productions, Surulere attracts visitors from all walks of life, creating a high demand for quality hotel accommodations. In this post, we explore the top hotels in Surulere, along with their prices and amenities, offering you a comprehensive guide for your next stay in this vibrant Lagos district.

Hotels in Surulere: A Quick Overview

Surulere boasts over 100 hotels, making it a go-to destination for travelers and locals alike.

  1. Vintage Suites: From N10,000 per night
  2. Easy Homes Hotels: From N12,000 per night
  3. Rita Lori Hotels Surulere: From N19,000 per night
  4. De Rigg Place: From N20,000 per night
  5. Wood Peckers Hotel: From N23,500 per night
  6. Benestar Suites: From N16,000 per night
  7. Serena Hotels and Suites: From N12,000 per night
  8. Aquatic Suites and Lounge: From N8,500 per night
  9. Demiral Hotel (The Place): From N12,000 per night
  10. Paragon Hotel Limited: From N7,000 per night
  11. Inglesias Hotels: From N15,000 per night
  12. Klee Executive Hotel: From N6,500 per night
  13. Blueseasons Hotel: From N7,000 per night
  14. Suncity Hotels: From N16,000 per night
  15. Kelin Height Hotel: From N20,500 per night
  16. Perch Hotel and Suites: From N12,000 per night
  17. Adunola Villa Serviced Apartment: From N20,000 per night
  18. Surulere Guest House: From N5,500 per night
  19. Millicent Hotel and Suites: From N10,000 per night
  20. Suru Express Hotel: From N20,000 per night
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A Closer Look at Some Popular Hotels in Surulere:

  1. Vintage Suites:
    • Address: 15c, Akinhanmi Street, Off Funsho Williams Avenue, Surulere, Lagos.
    • Overview: Vintage Suites offers budget-friendly accommodation with Standard Double and Standard rooms. Enjoy complimentary breakfast, an onsite restaurant, and a fully air-conditioned conference hall. Security, room service, and concierge services ensure a comfortable stay.
    • Nearby Attractions: Freedom Park Lagos, Ikeja City Mall, National Art Theatre.
  2. Rita Lori Hotels Surulere:
    • Address: 1-4 Taoridi Street, Off Babs Animashaun Road, Surulere, Lagos.
    • Overview: With Deluxe, Mini-Standard, and Budget rooms, Rita Lori Hotels provides a variety of choices. Amenities include an outdoor pool, fitness center, onsite restaurant, and bar. Free wireless internet is available, making it a convenient choice.
    • Nearby Attractions: Chicken Republic, Club 45, Dominos Pizza, Leisure Mall, Shoprite.
  3. Wood Peckers Hotel:
    • Address: 32, Bassie Ogamba Street, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.
    • Overview: Situated off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Wood Peckers Hotel offers Royal, Deluxe, Standard, and Suite rooms. Enjoy the onsite restaurant, bar, and free wireless internet. Concierge services, laundry, and airport shuttle add to the convenience.
    • Nearby Attractions: Central Mosque of Lagos, Freedom Park Lagos, Ikeja City Mall, National Art Theatre.
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Whether you’re in Surulere for sports, business, or leisure, the diverse range of hotels ensures there’s something for everyone. Prices mentioned are as of June 20, 2023, and may be subject to change based on company policies, government regulations, and seasonal factors. For the latest information, check with the respective hotels. Plan your stay wisely, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Surulere, Lagos.

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