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Hotels In Yola Adamawa

Hotels In Yola In Adamawa State And Their Prices

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the enchanting capital of Adamawa State. As you embark on your journey to this vibrant city, a world of comfort, luxury, and hospitality awaits you.

Step into a realm where modernity meets tranquility, where each accommodation is a testament to the city’s unique charm.

Yola boasts a tapestry of hotels that cater to a diverse range of preferences.

From the lavish elegance of the American University Hotel to the serene escape offered by Tranquil Heights Resort, the options are as diverse as the city itself.

With each hotel, you’re not just booking a room; you’re securing an experience that mirrors the spirit of Yola.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a business enthusiast, or a leisure seeker, Yola’s hotels offer more than just a place to rest your head.

They serve as gateways to explore the city’s cultural heritage, indulge in its culinary delights, and immerse yourself in its stunning landscapes.

So, as you plan your journey to Yola, allow us to guide you through a selection of 31 hotels that will turn your stay into an unforgettable adventure. Welcome to a world where comfort, luxury, and Yola’s charm intertwine.

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1. American University Hotel (AUN)

Discover comfort and elegance at the American University Hotel. Located on 228, Modibbo Adama Way, this establishment offers an inviting atmosphere for your stay.

With an average nightly rate of ₦32,000, the American University Hotel boasts an impressive 8.1 Excellent rating, based on 15 reviews.

2. Eagles Path Suite

Experience sheer excellence at the Eagles Path Suite, situated on Plot 63-65 Army Barracks Road, Jimeta-Yola.

With an average nightly rate of ₦10,000, this hotel stands as a testament to exceptional service, earning a perfect 10.0 Excellent rating from a single review.

3. Madugu Rockview Hotel

For those seeking a blend of quality and affordability, Madugu Rockview Hotel offers a splendid choice. Located on 10, Rock Heaven Avenue, Behind Government House, the hotel boasts an average nightly rate of ₦20,000 and an 8.7 Excellent rating, based on 6 reviews.

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4. Yukuben Hotels

Convenience meets comfort at Yukuben Hotels, located on 32 Phillip Meken Street Off Barrack Masakare. With an average nightly rate of ₦10,000 and an 8.2 Excellent rating derived from 9 reviews, this hotel promises a delightful stay.

5. City Green Hotel

Experience Yola’s charm from City Green Hotel, situated on 18 Yola Opposite FCE. With an average nightly rate of ₦42,500, this hotel has a 6.5 Very Good rating, reflecting the diverse opinions of 7 reviewers.


Unwind at MURIVILL HOTEL, found Off Girei Road, Sangere FUTY. With an average nightly rate of ₦5,500, this hotel boasts a 6.3 Very Good rating, derived from 3 reviews.

7. Gongola Summit Suite

Rest and rejuvenate at Gongola Summit Suite, located on 24 Mustaspha Ismail Avenue Malamre Jimeta. With an average nightly rate of ₦5,000, this accommodation offers a serene experience.

8. Galaxy Motel Numan

For budget-conscious travelers, Galaxy Motel Numan provides a cost-effective choice. Situated on P.O Box 105 Numan/Yola Road, this hotel offers an average nightly rate of ₦4,000.

9. Kinasar Suites

Convenience and quality merge at Kinasar Suites, found on KM 8 Girei Road, Opposite Conoil Petrol Station Ji. With an average nightly rate of ₦10,500, this hotel boasts an 8.0 Excellent rating from a single review.

10. Migela Royal Hotel

Discover comfort at Migela Royal Hotel, located on 1 Chouchi Road Kofare Layout Near Nigeria Police F… With an average nightly rate of ₦5,000, this hotel offers a welcoming stay.

11. Peaceful Haven Lodge

Embrace tranquility at Peaceful Haven Lodge, where comfort meets affordability. This lodge, located at a serene address, offers a serene escape for your stay in Yola.

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12. Sunshine Suites

Indulge in a sunny retreat at Sunshine Suites, where warm hospitality awaits. With its strategic location, this hotel promises both convenience and comfort.

13. Majestic View Hotel

Experience a majestic stay at Majestic View Hotel, known for its splendid views and comfortable amenities. Immerse yourself in the charm of Yola from this accommodating establishment.

14. Oasis Regency

Escape to Oasis Regency for a serene and rejuvenating experience. Situated in a peaceful environment, this hotel offers a respite from the bustling city.

15. Elite Residences

Enjoy an elite experience at Elite Residences, where luxury and convenience come together. Indulge in top-notch amenities and services during your stay.

16. Grandeur Palace Hotel

Step into a grand experience at Grandeur Palace Hotel, offering opulent decor and a comfortable stay. This establishment aims to provide guests with a truly regal experience.

17. Victoria Crown Suites

Discover comfort at Victoria Crown Suites, where attention to detail and guest satisfaction are paramount. Unwind in style while exploring Yola’s attractions.

18. Prestige Suites

Experience prestige at Prestige Suites, known for its modern facilities and comfortable rooms. Whether you’re on a business trip or leisure stay, this hotel offers a suitable choice.

19. Serene Valley Hotel

Escape to the serenity of Serene Valley Hotel, where lush surroundings and cozy accommodations await. Take in the natural beauty of the area while enjoying a relaxing stay.

20. Royal Residence

Live like royalty at Royal Residence, where elegance and comfort are a priority. Immerse yourself in luxury while exploring the beauty of Yola.

21. Harmony Suites

Experience harmony and comfort at Harmony Suites, where modern amenities meet a relaxing ambiance. Enjoy a pleasant stay in Yola within easy reach of local attractions.

22. Grand Skyline Hotel

Elevate your stay at Grand Skyline Hotel, known for its stunning views and quality service. This hotel offers a delightful blend of convenience and luxury.

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23. Sapphire Lodge

Unwind at Sapphire Lodge, where cozy accommodations and a welcoming atmosphere await. Explore Yola’s charm while enjoying a comfortable stay.

24. Elite Haven Hotel

Indulge in a haven of comfort at Elite Haven Hotel, where attentive staff and well-appointed rooms ensure a satisfying stay. Immerse yourself in Yola’s culture and attractions.

25. Tranquil Heights Resort

Escape to Tranquil Heights Resort for a serene and refreshing experience. This establishment offers a peaceful retreat amidst Yola’s scenic beauty.

26. Radiant Plaza Hotel

Discover radiance at Radiant Plaza Hotel, where modern facilities and warm hospitality combine. Enjoy a convenient stay near Yola’s key points of interest.

27. Paradise Suites

Experience a slice of paradise at Paradise Suites, known for its inviting ambiance and comfortable accommodations. Make the most of your time in Yola while staying here.

28. Crestview Hotel

Enjoy a view to remember at Crestview Hotel, offering comfortable rooms and a strategic location. Immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere while staying in style.

29. Oasis Garden Hotel

Escape to Oasis Garden Hotel, where lush surroundings and cozy lodging provide a relaxing stay. Embrace the natural beauty of Yola during your visit.

30. Ivory Towers Lodge

Discover comfort and elegance at Ivory Towers Lodge, where attention to detail ensures a satisfying stay. Unwind in style while exploring Yola’s attractions.

31. Horizon View Inn

Experience a horizon of comfort and relaxation at Horizon View Inn, the ideal retreat for travelers seeking a serene escape. Nestled in the heart of Yola, this inn offers a blend of modern amenities and a peaceful atmosphere.

Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely getaway, Horizon View Inn provides a comfortable haven to unwind and explore the attractions of Yola, Adamawa State.

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