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Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria

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In Nigeria, the persistent issue of erratic power supply has compelled homes, businesses, and religious organizations to seek alternative means of power. Generators have become a popular choice, with Kemage Generators emerging as a noteworthy brand due to its combination of high quality and affordability. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Kemage Generator prices in Nigeria and highlight essential factors to consider when purchasing a generator in the Nigerian market.

Kemage Generator Prices in Nigeria:

Kemage Generators, manufactured in South Korea and exported to various countries, including Nigeria, are known for their durability and affordability.

  1. KEMAGE 12kva Petrol Generator With Remote Control 100% Copper-KM11000E2: From ₦478,000
  2. KEMAGE 3.2kva KM4000E2 Generator H Series 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦193,600
  3. KEMAGE 3.5KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM4000E2 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦200,000
  4. KEMAGE 4.5KVA Kemage Manual Starter Power Generator- KM4000: From ₦155,000
  5. KEMAGE 4.5kva Key Starter Power Generator- 100% Copper: From ₦185,000
  6. KEMAGE 4.5Kva Manual Starter Generator- 100% Copper KM4000: From ₦155,000
  7. KEMAGE 4000E2 4.5kva Key Starter Power Generator- 100% Copper: From ₦290,000
  8. KEMAGE 5.5KVA KAMAGE GENERATOR KM4000E2 100% Copper Key Starter: From ₦220,000
  9. KEMAGE GENERATOR 5.5kva Key Start- KM-5800E2: From ₦190,000
  10. KEMAGE Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine KM11000: From ₦415,000
  11. KEMAGE Generator With Remote Control 8.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  12. KEMAGE Key Starter Generator 8.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦400,000
  13. KEMAGE Manual Starter Power Generator- KM4000: From ₦190,000
  14. KEMAGE Remote Control Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  15. KEMAGE REMOTE CONTROL Generator 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
  16. KEMAGE Remote Control 10.5kva Petrol Engine: From ₦420,000
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*Prices are subject to change based on the Naira-Dollar exchange rate, vendor, location of purchase, and generator power capacity.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator in Nigeria:

  1. Power Needs: Understand your power requirements for home, office, or business use. Calculate the combined wattage of all appliances, adding a 10% buffer for safety. Choose a generator that meets your calculated power needs.
  2. Quietness: Consider the noise level of the generator, especially if there are restrictions in your residential or commercial area. The industry standard is 70 dB(A) at 23 feet, but local regulations may vary.
  3. Fuel Consumption: Evaluate fuel efficiency as it directly impacts operating costs. Opt for a generator that is fuel-efficient if you plan to run it for extended periods.
  4. Purchase and Maintenance Costs: Strike a balance between the initial purchase cost and ongoing maintenance expenses. Some generators may have low purchase prices but high maintenance costs, so consider the long-term affordability.
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Navigating Nigeria’s power challenges requires informed decisions when selecting a generator. Kemage Generators offer a compelling option with their durability and affordability. By considering factors such as power needs, noise level, fuel consumption, and overall costs, individuals and businesses can make well-informed choices, ensuring a reliable power supply in the face of ongoing challenges.

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