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Hotels in Uyo and Prices List

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Welcome to the vibrant town of Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria’s South-South region. Known for its bustling trade in palm oil, palm kernels, yams, and cassava, Uyo is a thriving hub of commerce, government activities, and cultural attractions. With a plethora of businesses and government bodies calling Uyo home, the demand for accommodation is high. In this post, we’ll explore the cost of staying in hotels in Uyo, providing you with a comprehensive list of popular hotels and their prices, ensuring a convenient and affordable stay.

Hotel Price List in Uyo:

Uyo boasts an impressive array of 196 hotels, each offering unique experiences.

  1. Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort: From N91,800 per night
  2. De-Castle Luxury Home: From N12,000 per night
  3. A and M Estate Guest House: From N4,000 per night
  4. Eemjm Hotel: From N20,500 per night
  5. Monty Suites: From N72,000 per night
  6. Davok Suites: From N21,000 per night
  7. Georgetown Residence: From N14,000 per night
  8. Ventola Accommodation and Restaurant: From N6,000 per night
  9. Hotel Milan: From N4,000 per night
  10. Summit Hotel G.: From N5,000 per night
  11. Venus Hotels and Suites International: From N10,000 per night
  12. Villa View Hotels Limited: From N6,000 per night
  13. Mandela Queens Hotel: From N10,000 per night
  14. Hummer Hotel: From N6,000 per night
  15. Aqua Resort: From N6,300 per night
  16. New Point Hotel: From N18,000 per night
  17. De Silva Luxury Hotel: From N8,000 per night
  18. Ghassan Hotel: From N6,000 per night
  19. Noble Minds Hotel: From N3,000 per night
  20. Fresh Spring Hotels and Towers: From N16,000 per night
  21. Emrosy Hotels: From N9,000 per night
  22. Congress Hotel and Tourism: From N3,500 per night
  23. Amity Hotel Limited: From N8,000 per night
  24. Carabana Hotels and Suites: From N13,000 per night
  25. Suite Forty-One: From N8,000 per night
  26. Duran Hotels: From N8,500 per night
  27. Uranus Hotel: From N8,350 per night
  28. Jobama Hotel: From N2,000 per night
  29. Cordial Suites: From N6,000 per night
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Popular Hotels in Uyo:

Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort: Address: Nwaniba Road, PMB 1200, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. Overview: Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort, a five-star establishment, is conveniently located near the airport. With six room categories, including Executive, Deluxe, and Honeymoon Suites, the hotel offers tastefully decorated rooms equipped with modern amenities. Noteworthy facilities include a world-class 18-hole golf course, an onsite restaurant, bar, and free wireless internet.

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Monty Suites: Address:

37 General Edet Akpan Avenue (four lane): Off Nwaniba/Oron Road-Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. Overview: Monty Suites is strategically positioned for easy access to Uyo’s attractions. The hotel features a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, free wireless internet, and 48 well-appointed rooms. Additional amenities include a fitness center, spa, and conference facilities. Proximity to Ibibio Museum Park and Ibom Plaza adds to its allure.

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Fresh Spring Hotels and Towers:

Address: 49 Akpa Ube Street, Uyo, Aka Offot, Nigeria, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. Overview: Offering a blend of comfort and affordability, Fresh Spring Hotels and Towers is ideal for families and business travelers. The hotel’s rooms, adorned with king-size beds and modern furnishings, create a home away from home ambiance. Facilities include a swimming pool, onsite restaurant and bar, free wireless internet, and proximity to attractions like Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center.


As you plan your visit to Uyo, consider these budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation options. Whether you’re interested in a luxurious stay at Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort, the strategic location of Monty Suites, or the blend of comfort and affordability at Fresh Spring Hotels and Towers, Uyo’s diverse hotel offerings cater to various preferences. Keep this guide handy for your next trip to this bustling town!

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