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Vono Foam Price List

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Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Vono Foam, the premier foam production company in Nigeria. Known for its high-quality mattresses, foams, and diverse furniture range, Vono Foam has gained popularity in homes, schools, hospitals, and various establishments across Nigeria. In this comprehensive post, we’ll delve into the prices of Vono Foam products, providing you with valuable insights and factors to consider before making a purchase.

Vono Foam Price List

Vono Foam Mattresses:

  1. Vono Comet: From ₦63,800
  2. Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×10: From ₦122,500
  3. Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×8: From ₦115,000
  4. Vono Orthofirm 6×4.5×12: From ₦131,800
  5. Vono Orthofirm 6x6x10: From ₦142,000
  6. Vono Orthofirm 6x6x14: From ₦168,800
  7. Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6×4.5×10: From ₦363,500
  8. Vono Restapaedic (ORTH0PEDIC) 6×4.5×12: From ₦382,200
  9. Vono Sleepwell 6×4.5×10: From ₦104,300
  10. Vono Sleepwell 6×4.5×12: From ₦114,800
  11. Vono Venus 6×4.5×10: From ₦98,800
  12. Vono Venus 6×4.5×12: From ₦107,000
  13. Victoria Foam Mattress 4.5 x 6×10″: From ₦74,385
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Vono Foam Pillows:

  1. Executive Quilted Fibre: From ₦4,936
  2. Vono Bliss Memory Pillow: From ₦11,400
  3. Vono Fibre Pillow: From ₦3,730

Vono Foam Hospital Furniture:

  1. 3 x 6 Deluxe Hospital Bedframe: From ₦110,170
  2. Hospital Bedside Cabinet: From ₦39,700
  3. Hospital Drip Stand: From ₦25,000

Vono Foam Events and Leisure Furniture:

  1. Chrome Coated Banquet Chair: From ₦24,150
  2. Cox Bench: From ₦97,885
  3. Event Padded Chair: From ₦12,500
  4. Vono Beach Mat: From ₦9,000
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Vono Foam Home Furniture:

  1. 3 Seater Classic Sofa (Leather): From ₦112,000
  2. Bishop Bed: From ₦345,500
  3. Bluxone Sofa: From ₦155,800.00
  4. Cedar Sofa 7 Seater: From ₦726,000
  5. Chesterfield Sofa 7-Seater: From ₦920,000

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

  1. Size:
    • Consider the available space and the number of users (single, couple, or child).
  2. Comfort:
    • Understand different comfort levels (plush to firm) and consult Vono Foam’s color-coded system.
  3. Temperature:
    • Account for the region’s temperature and choose a mattress that provides optimal balance.
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Vono Foam stands out as a top choice for quality mattresses, foams, and furniture in Nigeria. Use this comprehensive guide to make informed decisions on your next purchase. Consider the factors mentioned before buying to ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience with your Vono Foam product.

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