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Lagos to Abuja by Road: Bus Price & Other Details

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Embarking on a journey from Lagos to Abuja presents various transportation options, with road travel standing out as a reasonable, cost-effective, and flexible choice. While air travel offers speed and reliability, it comes with a higher price tag. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the road travel experience, specifically focusing on bus ticket prices, terminals, and important considerations to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey.

Bus Ticket Prices and Terminals:

  1. ABC Transport:
    • Terminals: Jibowu, Ajah
    • Take-off times: 06:15 am, 07:00 am
    • Price: N21,000 (Old Price: N10,000 – N12,000)
  2. Chisco Group:
    • Terminals: Jibowu, Alafia, Oyingbo, Empire Terminal
    • Take-off times: 06:00 am, 05:30 pm, 07:00 pm
    • Price: From N19,950 (Old Price: N9,600 – N12,000)
  3. Cross Country:
    • Terminals: Yaba
    • Take-off times: 05:00 am, 06:00 am, 08:00 am
    • Price: From N24,500 (Old Price: N8,500 – N10,500)
  4. Ekesons Transport:
    • Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu
    • Take-off times: 05:30 am, 06:30 am, 07:30 am, 05:00 pm, 07:00 pm
    • Price: N21,200 (Old Price: N11,000 – N12,500)
  5. Ifesinachi Transport:
    • Terminals: Jibowu
    • Take-off times: 06:00 am
    • Price: From N18,000
  6. GUO Transport:
    • Terminals: Ajah, Cele, Ejigbo, Iyana-Ipaja, Jibowu
    • Take-off times: 05:30 am
    • Price: N33,000 (Old Price: N11,000 – N12,500)
  7. God is Good Motors (GIGM):
    • Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu
    • Take-off times: 05:30 am, 06:15 am, 07:00 am
    • New Price: N35,000 (Old Price: N10,000 – N12,000)
  8. Peace Mass Transport Limited:
    • Terminals: Ajah, Jibowu
    • Take-off times: 05:30 am, 06:00 am, 06:30 am
    • Price: N20,000 (Old Price: N10,000 – N10,500)
  9. Other Buses at Popular Parks:
    • Terminals: Jibowu, Berger, Ojota, Yaba, Iyana-Ipaja, Ajah
    • Take-off times: n/a
    • Price: From N18,000 (Old Price: N7,000 – N11,500)
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Factors Affecting Bus Ticket Prices:

Bus ticket prices from Lagos to Abuja are influenced by several factors, including fuel prices, terminal locations, available buses, demand for tickets, and traveling periods. Terminals in Ajah may have higher prices due to the distance, and ticket prices often surge during festive seasons and vacations.

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Considerations for Choosing a Bus:

  1. Distance of Terminal from Home:
    • Choose a terminal that is closest to your location for convenience.
  2. Consider Your Budget:
    • Prices vary, so determine a budget that suits your financial plan.
  3. Consider the Route:
    • Different routes are available; select a bus traveling your preferred route.
  4. Consider Your Comfort:
    • Check seat arrangements and comfort levels, relying on online reviews for insights.
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these prices and details offer a snapshot of your road travel options from Lagos to Abuja. With these insights and considerations, you can make an informed decision, ensuring a comfortable and budget-friendly journey. Book your bus tickets online, comparing prices for the best deals, and get ready for a memorable road trip experience. Safe travels!

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