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Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

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In the evolving landscape of television technology, the choices available to consumers in Nigeria have expanded significantly. Gone are the days of straightforward decisions based solely on size; now, there’s a myriad of TV types to consider. Among these, plasma TVs stand out as a top choice, offering unparalleled picture quality and a unique viewing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of plasma TVs, exploring their prices, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

Why Plasma TVs?

Plasma TVs have carved a niche for themselves in the Nigerian market due to their exceptional display quality and user-friendly features. Despite being relatively expensive, their stunning picture clarity, seamless sound output, and sleek designs make them a favorite among discerning consumers. While LCDs and plasma TVs share similarities, it’s crucial to understand that the key difference lies in their display mechanisms.

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Prices of Plasma TVs in Nigeria:

To assist you in navigating the market, here’s an overview of plasma TV prices from leading brands in Nigeria:

  1. Samsung Plasma TV Prices:
    • 32 inches: From N150,000
    • 43 inches: From N220,000
    • 55 inches Smart: From N350,000
    • 65 inches Smart: From N470,000
  2. Hisense Plasma TV Prices:
    • 50 inches: From N250,000
    • 55 inches: From N280,000
    • 65 inches Smart: From N430,000
  3. LG Plasma TV Prices:
    • 43 inches: From N160,000
    • 60 inches: From N350,000
    • 65 inches: From N460,000
  4. Polystar Plasma TV Prices:
    • 32 inches: From N80,000
    • 65 inches Smart: From N400,000
  5. Sony Plasma TV Prices:
    • 43 inches: From N290,000
    • 49 inches: From N300,000
    • 65 inches Smart: From N900,000
    • 70 inches Smart: From N1,300,000
  6. Sharp Plasma TV Prices:
    • 32 inches: From N75,000
  7. Panasonic Plasma TV Prices:
    • 32 inches: From N110,000 – N150,000
    • 43 inches: From N220,000 – N280,000
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Pros and Cons of Plasma TVs: What You Need to Know

Things You Will Love:

  1. Outstanding Picture Quality:
    • Plasma TVs excel in delivering exceptional picture quality, offering HD or Ultra High Definition visuals.
    • Fantastic sound output enhances the overall viewing experience.
  2. High Resolution:
    • Most plasma TVs boast at least 720p capability, with some reaching 1080p.
    • The 16:9 aspect ratio ensures optimal HDTV viewing.
  3. Connectivity:
    • Plasma TVs often come equipped with direct PC connectivity, enhancing versatility.
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Things You May Not Like:

  1. Susceptible to Screen Burn:
    • Plasma TV screens are prone to burns if not properly maintained.
  2. Shorter Lifespan:
    • Unlike LEDs, plasma screens may not last a lifetime and require careful monitoring and maintenance.


As you explore the diverse landscape of television options in Nigeria, plasma TVs remain a top contender for those prioritizing picture quality and an immersive viewing experience. While mindful of their potential drawbacks, the stunning visuals and user-friendly features make them a worthy investment for entertainment enthusiasts. Stay informed, compare prices, and make an informed decision to elevate your TV viewing experience with a plasma TV.

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