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Plotter Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In the fast-evolving landscape of the printing business, plotter machines have become indispensable tools for transferring graphic designs onto various materials and surfaces. Commonly referred to as vinyl plotters, these machines play a crucial role in enabling designers to bring their creative visions to life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the diverse range of plotter machines available in the Nigerian market, shedding light on their specifications and prices.

  1. YINGHE Vinyl Cutting Plottwer – Unleashing Precision and Performance (N342,000 – N400,000)

    • Media Way: Floor stand for stability
    • Main Board: High-performance & intelligent ARM 32 CPU
    • Memory: 128MB for efficient processing
    • Cutting Width: 1200mm, allowing for expansive designs
    • Cutting Speed: 500mm/s, ensuring swift and precise results
    • Additional Features: Supports 2mm letters, cuts reflective film, and operates with low noise
    • Inclusions: Power cord, instruction manual, blade holder, pen holder, data cable
  2. 42” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – Versatility at an Affordable Price (N198,000 – N210,000)
    • Ideal for: Heat Transfer Vinyl, Advertising, Light Boxes Production, Car stickers, and more
    • Software: Art Cut Software and Driver Software included
    • Cutting Blade: 4 blades for varied applications
    • Stand: Floor stand for stability
    • Inclusions: USB Cable, Power Cable, Nuts and bolts for the Stand, User Manual
  3. 43” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – Elevating Your Design Game (N210,000 – N240,000)
    • Similar features to the 42” model with expanded cutting width
    • Perfect for a range of applications including Glass sandblasting, Exhibition Production, and CAD diagrams
  4. Vinyl Cutting Plotter for High-Speed Production (28″) – Precision and Affordability (N180,000 – N205,000)
    • Maximum cutting speed: 600mm per second
    • Maximum cutting length: Limitless
    • Cutting thickness: 1.5mm
    • Repetition precision: 0.01mm
    • Inclusions: Art Cut Software, Driver Software, 4 Cutting Blade, Blade Holder, Drawing Pen, and more
  5. 14” Table Top High-Speed Cutting Plotter Machine – Compact Powerhouse (N149,000 – N200,000)
    • Paper Feed Width: 14’’ for smaller-scale projects
    • Cutting Speed: 800mm/s
    • Inclusions: Blades Holder, Blades, Pen Holder, USB Cable, Serial Cable, Power Cord, and more
  6. Graphtec CE5000-60 Cutter – Professional Precision (N900,000 – N1.2 million)
    • Design: Drum, digital servo motor drives
    • Workspace Scope: 603mm×50m
    • Cutting Speed: 60cm/s (All directions)
    • Interface: RS-232C Serial (COM),USB (full speed)
    • Precision: ±0.1%, Repeat accuracy: 1mm/2m
    • Power: Max 100VA
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As the demand for plotter machines continues to surge in Nigeria, understanding the diverse options available is crucial for businesses and designers alike. Whether you prioritize precision, speed, or affordability, the Nigerian market offers a range of plotter machines catering to various needs. Explore these options and embark on a journey to elevate your graphic design capabilities.

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