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Prices of Rabbits in Nigeria

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Rabbit farming has emerged as a lucrative venture in Nigeria, offering a promising avenue for entrepreneurs with minimal capital investment. These versatile animals are valued not only for their meat but also for fur production, making them a dynamic asset in the market. In this blog post, we delve into the diverse breeds of rabbits in Nigeria and their respective market values, shedding light on the reasons behind the increasing popularity of rabbit farming in the country.

Breed Overview:

Rabbits come in various breeds, each with its unique characteristics and market value.

  1. Palomino Rabbit (Weaner): Starting from N25,000
  2. Cinnamon Rabbit (Weaner): Starting from N39,250
  3. Commercial Rabbits (Pure Breed New Zealand White): Starting from N65,000
  4. Hyla Rabbits (Commercial Breed | 3 Females + 2 Males): Starting from N65,000
  5. Commercial Rabbits (Pure Breed Chinchillas | 3 Females + 2 Males): Starting from N75,000
  6. Commercial Hyla Rabbits (Broiler Rabbit Breed | 3 Females + 2 Males): Starting from N78,500
  7. Grower Rabbit (Chinchilla): Starting from N10,000
  8. New Zealand White Rabbit: Starting from N8,000
  9. Checkered Giant Rabbit: Starting from N10,000
  10. Improved Dutch Rabbit: Starting from N6,000
  11. Hyla Rabbits: Starting from N8,000
  12. Commercial Mature Rabbits Colony (New Zealand & Chinchilla Breed): Starting from N80,000
  13. Matured Rabbit (Harlequin): N7,000 – N8,000
  14. Matured Rabbit (New Zealand): N7,000 – N8,000
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Why Rabbit Farming in Nigeria?

  1. Consumption: Rabbit meat is a rich source of white meat with high digestible protein content. It is low in fat, making it ideal for health-conscious consumers and those advised to avoid high-fat meals.
  2. Fur Production: Breeds like Rex and Angora rabbits are prized for fur production, used in crafting hats, toys, and even coats. While these breeds may be more expensive, the commercial value of their fur justifies the investment.
  3. Pets: Surprisingly, some individuals opt to keep rabbits as pets due to their social and active nature, adding a unique dimension to the market.
  4. Manure: Rabbit excreta is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, offering valuable nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to enhance soil quality.
  5. Research: Rabbits are favored for experimental research due to their physiological similarities to humans. Their manageable size and placenta setup make them ideal for testing new drugs and conducting various experiments.
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Common Rabbit Breeds in Nigeria:

  1. White New Zealand: Highly productive and marketable, primarily used for fur production.
  2. Californian: Renowned for meat production, with distinct dark grey or black coloration on the nose, ears, tail, and feet.
  3. Satin: A visually appealing breed with exceptional meat and fur productivity, though relatively rare in Nigeria.
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Rabbit farming in Nigeria is a multifaceted venture with the potential for significant returns. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the meat market, fur production, or even considering rabbits as pets, the diverse breeds cater to various needs. As the demand for rabbit-related products continues to rise, exploring this niche in agriculture presents a promising opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Start your rabbit farming journey today and tap into the thriving market that these dynamic creatures offer.

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