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Refrigerator Prices in Nigeria

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In today’s diverse market, choosing the perfect refrigerator for your home can be both exciting and challenging. With an array of types, sizes, and brands available, it’s essential to make an informed decision. Refrigerators have become a staple in modern households, serving not only to chill beverages but also to preserve food. This comprehensive guide will compare the prices of popular refrigerator brands in Nigeria, helping you navigate through the options and find the best fit for your needs.

Haier Thermocool Refrigerators:

  1. Haier Thermocool 80 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (HRF-80BEX): From N134,460
  2. Haier Thermocool 185 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (HRF-185BLUX): From N229,280
  3. Haier Thermocool 540 Litres Side by Side Refrigerator (HRF-540WBS): From N671,760
  4. Haier Thermocool Single Door Refrigerator HR-195CBG: From N230,620
  5. Haier Thermocool Double Door Refrigerator – HRF-95BEX: From N168,400
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Hisense Refrigerators:

  1. Hisense 90 Litres Frost Low Noise Environment-Friendly Tech (REF 093 DR): From ₦87,480
  2. Hisense 205DRB 204L Single Door Refrigerator: From ₦181,900
  3. Hisense 535 Litres Side By Side Refrigerator (RD-70WS) – Silver: From ₦675,000
  4. Hisense 264Litres Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator + Dispenser: From ₦294,999
  5. Hisense 150 Litres Single Door Fast Freeze Refrigerator: From ₦182,000

Polystar Refrigerators:

  1. Polystar 250 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (PV-DD250L): From N198,000
  2. Polystar Ice Cube-Making Machine With Small And Big Ice Selection: From N88,000
  3. Polystar Double Door Refrigerator PV-DD215L: From N160,000
  4. Polystar Showcase Bar Fridge – PV-259SCLL: From N162,340

LG Refrigerators:

  1. LG 92 Litres One Door Fridge Key & lock (GL-131SLQP): From N118,000
  2. LG 395 Liters Refrigerator (GN-B392PLGB): From N449,400
  3. LG Inverter Refrigerator 225Liters: From N355,000
  4. LG 199L Single Door Refrigerator: From N237,000
  5. LG Smart Inverter Refrigerator 471L +Water Dispenser: From N595,500
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Nexus Refrigerators:

  1. Nexus 140 Litres Refrigerator (NX-185): From N173,000
  2. Nexus 87 Litres Double Door Fridge (NX-130): From N146,500
  3. Nexus 252 Litres Double Door Refrigerator (NX-250): From N239,400
  4. Nexus DISPLAY REFRIGERATOR 401 LTRS NX-401: From N326,760

Skyrun Refrigerators:

  1. Skyrun 182 Litres Double Door Top Mount Fridge (BCD-187A): From N181,990
  2. Skyrun 50 Litres Single Door Fridge (BCD-55A): From N66,990
  3. Skyrun 168 Litres Double Door Top Mount Fridge (BCD-168M): From N170,990
  4. Skyrun 252 Litres Double Door Top Mount Fridge (BCD-257A): From N225,990

Bruhm Refrigerators:

  1. Bruhm Single Door Refrigerator BFS-86MD: From N98,280
  2. Bruhm DOUBLE DOOR REFRIGERATOR: From N193,900
  3. Bruhm Fast Freeze 93 Liters Table Top Single Door Fridge: From N95,000
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Samsung Refrigerators:

  1. Samsung RT67 620L Digital Inverter Top Freezer Refrigerator: From N820,000
  2. Samsung 390 Litres Refrigerator: From N435,600
  3. Samsung 533 Litres Refrigerator: From N527,000


In this guide, we’ve provided a detailed comparison of refrigerator prices in Nigeria across popular brands. Whether you’re looking for a compact option or a spacious side-by-side refrigerator, this guide will help you make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements. Explore the diverse range of refrigerators available in the market and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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