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Shoe Filing Machine Prices in Nigeria

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In the realm of shoemaking, a vital tool takes center stage—the shoe filing machine, often referred to as the “bench grinder” in Nigeria. This essential equipment, typically attached to a workbench, plays a pivotal role in shaping various parts of a shoe, particularly the sole. If you’re exploring the market for a shoe filing machine in Nigeria, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource. From prices and where to buy to maintenance tips, we’ve got you covered.

Shoe Filing Machine Prices in Nigeria: Unveiling Options

The market offers a diverse array of shoe filing machines or bench grinders, varying in capacities, sizes, and brands. We’ve done the legwork to compile a list of prices, providing a snapshot of the current market scenario. Please note that prices are subject to change based on location, vendor, and time of purchase. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Ronix Model 3503 150mm High-Quality Bench Belt Grinder Machine: N13,000 – N14,500
  2. Ronix 2021 Model 3515 4 Inch Electric Bench Belt Grinder: N10,500 – N11,800
  3. Heavy-Duty Bench Grinder Bench Belt Grinder Bench Versatility Grinder HY3220A: N7,300 – N8,400
  4. HESSENPRO HBG125 125MM 150W/250W/300W/450W bench grinder machine bench grinder: N7,900 – N9,000
  5. VIDO bench versatility grinder: N11,600 – N12,750
  6. 2021 Ronix High-Quality Bench Belt Grinder, Jewelers Bench Grinder: N15,500 – N17,200
  7. VIDO bench grinder 8” machine 350w 20mm: N9,500 – N10,700
  8. Makute Professional 550W 200mm Bench Grinder Industrial Bench Grinder SIST-200: N11,550 – N12,780
  9. FIXTEC Most Popular Bench Tools BENCH GRINDER: N7,880 – N8,240
  10. Julante copper wire electric bench grinder 250w 5-inch: N6,300 – N7,000
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Where to Purchase a Shoe Filing Machine in Nigeria: Exploring Options

  1. Dealers and Suppliers:
    • Offline enthusiasts can opt for dealers and suppliers, often importing from countries like China and Germany. Direct dealings may yield cost benefits, especially for bulk purchases.
  2. Market Retailers:
    • Individuals seeking single-item purchases may find market retailers convenient. However, be cautious of potential price disparities compared to dealing with suppliers directly.
  3. E-commerce Websites:
    • Online platforms such as Alibaba, Konga, and Jumia offer a wide selection. Ensure reliability by checking return policies and warranties. Keep in mind that shipping costs may apply.
  4. Used Machine Marketplaces:
    • For budget-conscious buyers, platforms like Jiji and OLX offer used options. Schedule inspections before purchase to ensure the machine’s condition meets your standards.
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Shoe Filing Machine Maintenance Tips: Prolonging Lifespan

  1. Keep it Clean:
    • Regularly blow off debris and dirt with an air hose to prevent stiffness in moving parts and spinning wheels.
  2. Cover When Not in Use:
    • Shield the machine from dust and dirt particles by covering it after cleaning.
  3. Periodic Inspection:
    • If the machine produces strange sounds or vibrations, conduct a thorough inspection. Ensure proper oiling of parts and seek professional repair if needed.
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Armed with insights into shoe filing machine prices, buying options, and maintenance tips, you’re well-equipped to navigate the Nigerian market. Whether you’re a seasoned shoemaker or a budding enthusiast, this guide ensures you make informed decisions on your journey to crafting the perfect pair.

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