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StarTimes Solar TV Price in Nigeria

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In recent years, the demand for harnessing solar power has surged, driven by the erratic power supply in Nigeria and the global shift towards renewable energy. StarTimes, a leading cable TV provider in Africa, has innovatively integrated solar technology into their offerings, providing subscribers with a reliable alternative during power outages. This blog post delves into the prices of StarTimes Solar TVs in Nigeria, highlighting different packages and essential maintenance tips for solar panels.

StarTimes Solar TV Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Regular 24-inch Solar TV with Dish – From N226,000
    • Package includes a 90-AH battery, a 30-watt solar panel, lights, and a DTH Nova Bouquet with a free one-year subscription.
  2. Regular 24-inch Solar TV with Dish and Smart Bouquet – From N236,000
    • Package features a 90-AH battery, a 30-watt solar panel, and a free one-year subscription to the Smart Bouquet.
  3. Regular 24-inch Solar TV with Dish and DTH Super Bouquet – From N256,000
    • Package includes a 90-AH battery, a 30-watt solar panel, and a one-year free subscription to the DTH Super Bouquet.
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Note: Prices may vary slightly due to factors such as location and vendor.

Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Panels:

Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your StarTimes solar panels is crucial. Here are some copyright-free tips on maintaining your solar panels:

  1. Avoid Shade:
    • Keep solar panels exposed to sunlight to maximize energy production.
  2. Monitor Inverters:
    • Ensure inverters are consistently flashing green lights to maintain optimal compensation for electricity usage.
  3. Periodic Inspection:
    • Regularly check for the accumulation of dust and debris, especially during unexpected weather changes.
  4. Cleaning Procedures:
    • Use a soft, clean cloth or specialized solar panel cleaning tools for periodic cleaning.
    • Avoid detergent-based cleaners to prevent smudges or streaks, opting for a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol for stubborn dirt and oil residue.
  5. Energy Usage Monitoring:
    • Install an energy monitor to frequently check if the solar panel is operating optimally.
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StarTimes offers a range of solar TV packages catering to diverse needs in Nigeria. Investing in these solar solutions not only provides uninterrupted entertainment during power outages but also contributes to a sustainable energy future. Additionally, by following the provided maintenance tips, users can ensure the longevity and efficiency of their StarTimes solar panels, making the transition to solar power a hassle-free and rewarding experience.

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