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Airtel 4G Router Price in Nigeria

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In the fast-paced world of internet connectivity, Airtel routers have emerged as top contenders in Nigeria, offering a reliable network and attractive data bundles at competitive prices. With the recent introduction of 4G routers, Airtel has further solidified its position by providing faster internet speeds and seamless configuration. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current market prices of Airtel 4G routers, explore the available data bundles, and highlight the key features that make these routers stand out.

Airtel 4G Router Prices in Nigeria:

The demand for Airtel 4G routers has surged in recent months, and obtaining one directly from an Airtel store would cost you around N10,000. However, purchasing it from other outlets may push the price up to N12,000 or more, depending on the location. For convenience, online platforms also offer the option to order the router through various e-commerce channels.

Each Airtel 4G router comes bundled with an enticing offer of 100 GB data, valid for the first 30 days after activation. The router supports simultaneous connections to up to 32 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, boasting a user-friendly WPS push button for easy connectivity.

Airtel Router Bundles and Prices:

Airtel’s reputation for affordable and diverse data bundle plans continues with the 4G router. These plans cater specifically to routers, ensuring a lightning-fast internet experience in areas with 4G coverage. It’s important to note that these bundles are exclusively tied to Airtel routers on 4G connectivity and won’t be active in areas lacking 4G coverage.

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Airtel bundles start as low as N1,000 and go up to N100,000, offering various data capacities and durations. Here is an overview of the available Airtel Bundles for the 4G router:

Unlimited Ultra Plans (Router only):

  • Unlimited Ultra Weekly N5,000 — 30GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting main bundle (Valid for 7 days)
  • Unlimited Ultra Plus N15,000 –120GB + 5GB daily upon exhausting main bundle (Valid for 30 days)
  • Unlimited Ultra Standard N20,000 — 200GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle (Valid for 30 days)
  • Unlimited Ultra Diamond N30,000 — 300GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle (Valid for 30 days)
  • Unlimited Ultra Platinum N60,000 — 550GB + 10GB daily upon exhausting main bundle (Valid for 30 days)

Airtel Router Plans:

  • 20 GB Plan – N5, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 25 GB Plan – N8, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 40 GB Plan – N10, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 75 GB Plan – N15, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 120 GB Plan – N20, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 200 GB Plan – N30, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 280 GB Plan – N36, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 400 GB Plan – N50, 000 (Valid for 90 days)
  • 500 GB Plan – N60, 000 (Valid for 120 days)
  • 1 TB Plan – N100, 000 (Valid for 365 days)
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Router Booster Plans:

  • 2 GB Plan – N1, 000 (Same validity as the Main Bundle)
  • 6 GB Plan – N2, 000 (Same validity as the Main Bundle)
  • 10 GB Plan – N3, 000 (Same validity as the Main Bundle)

Ultra Plans (Mi-Fi and Routers Only):

  • 40 GB + 250 MB daily upon exhausting main bundle – Ultra N10, 000 (Valid for 30 days)
  • 75 GB + 500 MB daily upon exhausting main bundle – Ultra N15, 000 (Valid for 30 days)

What Sets Airtel 4G Router Apart:

  1. Great Range of Signal: Airtel’s 4G router boasts an impressive signal range, making it suitable for spacious environments with multiple devices. While some users have noted exceptionally fast speeds with a limited number of connected devices, overall connectivity remains smooth.
  2. Flexible Data Bundles: Airtel’s diverse range of data bundles caters to various budgets and data requirements, starting as low as N1,000. Users can choose plans based on their specific needs, whether for casual browsing or heavy data usage.
  3. Easy to Configure: Unlike some routers that require technical expertise for setup, the Airtel 4G router is user-friendly and easy to configure. Clear instructions provided in the accompanying leaflet make the setup process hassle-free, ensuring that even non-tech-savvy users can get started effortlessly.
  4. Durable: Durability is a key consideration when investing in a router, and the Airtel 4G router stands out for its robust build. With proper maintenance, users can expect reliable performance over an extended period.
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Airtel’s 4G routers combine affordability, reliability, and user-friendly features, making them a popular choice among consumers in Nigeria. Whether you’re seeking a router for home use or business applications, the Airtel 4G router offers a seamless internet experience with a range of customizable data bundles to suit every user’s needs. Stay connected with Airtel for fast, reliable, and budget-friendly internet access.

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