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Best Breeds of Broilers in Nigeria & Prices

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Poultry farming, specifically broiler farming, is a lucrative venture in Nigeria that requires relatively low capital investment. One key aspect that potential broiler farmers should carefully consider is the choice of broiler breed. In this guide, we explore the best breeds for broiler farming in Nigeria, their prices, and essential factors to ponder before embarking on this rewarding agricultural endeavor.

Best Breeds of Broilers in Nigeria

Before delving into the breeds, it’s crucial to understand that the prices of broilers can fluctuate based on factors such as location, vendor, age of the birds, and market conditions. As of November 23, 2022, here are some of the best broiler breeds along with their prices per carton of 50 day-old chicks:

  1. Commercial Broilers Arbor Acres Plus (Amo Brand): N14,250
  2. Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres Plus (FIDAN Broilers): N14,250
  3. Commercial Day-Old Fidan Broilers (Arbor Acres Plus): N14,250
  4. Fidan Broiler (Commercial Day-Old Arbor Acres Plus Broilers): N14,250
  5. AMO Day-Old Broilers (Commercial Arbor Acres Plus): N14,250
  6. Commercial Day Old Broilers Ross 308 (Agrited Brand): N15,250
  7. Commercial Day-Old ZARTECH Broilers (Cobb 500): N15,250
  8. Agrited Ross 308 Broilers (Commercial Day-old Chicks): N15,250
  9. Commercial SAYED Broilers (Day-Old Chicks): N16,750
  10. Commercial Arbor Acres Plus Day Old Broilers (CHI Brand): N17,250
  11. Commercial Day Old Arbor Acres Plus Broilers Chicks (Grinphield Brand): N20,250
  12. Day Old Yammfy Broilers (Commercial Arbor Acres): N21,250
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Please note that these prices are subject to change based on various market dynamics.

Some Broiler Breeds in Nigeria

Now, let’s explore some of the notable broiler breeds in Nigeria:

  1. Cornish Cross Broilers:
    • Characteristics: Large size, white feathers, red combs, and rapid growth.
    • Considerations: Susceptible to diseases, recommended for cage system farming.
  2. Grinphield Marshall:
    • Characteristics: Quick growth, tall and large birds, disease-resistant.
    • Considerations: Ideal for small-scale farmers, can be sold at 6-8 weeks.
  3. Moyer’s K-22:
    • Characteristics: Excellent meat taste, less fatty, lean, and healthy.
    • Considerations: Slower growth (10 weeks), suitable for free-range system.
  4. Red Broilers:
    • Characteristics: Strength and disease resistance, suitable for free-range.
    • Considerations: Slower growth (10 weeks), elongated carcasses.
  5. Roaster Chicks or Cornish Giants:
    • Characteristics: Medium-range growth (7-8 weeks), large size.
    • Considerations: High disease resistance, healthy for human consumption.
  6. Rosambro Broilers:
    • Characteristics: Medium-growth rate, unique taste, disease resistance.
    • Considerations: Ready for sale at 8 weeks, sweet meat.
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Choosing the right broiler breed is a critical decision for success in poultry farming. Consider factors such as growth rate, disease resistance, and suitability for your farming system. Stay informed about market prices and fluctuations. By making informed choices, you can embark on a successful broiler farming journey in Nigeria.

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