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Curved TV Prices in Nigeria

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Curved TVs stormed into the Nigerian market over a decade ago, captivating TV enthusiasts with their unique concept. Initially perceived as a luxury due to their higher prices, the landscape has shifted, and curved TVs are now available at more affordable rates. In this blog post, we’ll explore the popularity, pricing, and key features of curved TVs in Nigeria.

The Rise of Curved TVs in Nigeria:

Curved TVs have gained widespread acceptance in Nigeria, offering not just exceptional picture quality but also additional user-friendly features. With options in LED, Plasma, OLED, and various display types, curved TVs have become a symbol of elegance and style in living rooms, offices, and bedrooms.

Affordability and Market Expansion:

Contrary to the belief that curved TVs are exclusively expensive, the market today boasts a variety of affordable options. While renowned brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG continue to offer premium curved TVs, other brands provide budget-friendly alternatives, making this innovative technology accessible to a broader audience.

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Current Curved TV Prices in Nigeria:

To help you navigate the market, here’s a glimpse of curved TV prices from different brands:

Samsung Curved TVs:

  • 32 inches LED curved TV: From N145,000
  • 46 inches smart Curved TV: From N342,000
  • 48 inches smart 3D Curved TV: From N500,000
  • Samsung 49 Inch Premium RU7300 Curved Smart 4K UHD TV: From N480,000
  • Samsung 55 Inch UHD Premium Class HDR+ Ultra Slim Curved Certified Smart 4K TV: From N570,000
  • 55 inches HD Curved TV: From N460,900
  • Samsung 65″ Curved Smart 4K TV+Netflix, YouTube APP Series 8: From N779,000
  • Samsung Q8C 65 Inch Class Curved Premium QLED Smart 4K TV: From N1,300,000
  • 78 inches Smart Curved TV: From N4,200,000
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LG Curved TVs:

  • 43 inches HD Curved TV: From N220,000
  • 55 inches OLED Curved TV: From N800,000
  • 55 inches LED Curved TV: From N235,000
  • 60 inches LED Curved TV: From N400,000
  • 65 inches OLED Curved TV: From N900,000
  • 105 inches OLED Curved TV: From N30,000,000

Hisense Curved TVs:

  • 49 inches Curved TV: From N215,000
  • 55 inches Curved TV: From N290,000
  • 65 inches Curved TV: From N485,000

Polystar Curved TVs:

  • Polystar 32″ INCH SMART CURVED TV With Netflix (1-year Warranty): From N106,000
  • Polystar 40 Inches Android Smart Curved TV: From N130,000
  • Polystar- 43 INCH SMART CURVED LED TV 2022 Model: From N210,000
  • Polystar 55” Inch Smart Curved Certified UHD 4k TV 2022 Model: From N258,000
  • Polystar 65” FULL HD Curved 4K Smart TV: From N400,000
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Pros and Cons of Curved TVs:

  • Wider field of view and overall better experience.
  • More sharpness and lovely picture quality.
  • Better contrast performance.
  • Elegant designs adding sophistication to any space.
  • User-friendly operation despite additional features.

Things You May Not Like About Curved TVs:

  • Images may appear narrower when watching from afar.
  • On-screen reflections are more noticeable, potentially affecting daytime viewing.
  • Curved TVs can be relatively expensive.


As curved TVs continue to evolve and diversify, they are poised to dominate the Nigerian TV market in the coming years. With a range of sizes, types, and display options available at varying price points, there’s a curved TV for every budget and preference. Stay informed about the latest prices and features to make the best choice for your entertainment needs.

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