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20 Best hotels in Abakaliki

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Abakaliki, Ebonyi, a southeastern Nigerian state, is a place of rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

With a population predominantly of Igbo origin, this region is often affectionately referred to as “The Salt of The Nation.” The capital city, Abakaliki, serves as a gateway to this enchanting state.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, finding the perfect accommodation can enhance your experience.

Fortunately, offers a comprehensive selection of hotels in Abakaliki to suit various preferences and budgets.

Our Top Picks hotels in Abakaliki

1. Hotel Geneza

Located at 19 Onwe Road, Abakiliki, Hotel Geneza offers a comfortable stay with an average nightly rate of ₦12,000. With a rating of 7.4, it’s a popular choice among travelers.

2. Grace Court Hotel

Situated behind F.M.C at 14 Nna Street Abakaliki, Grace Court Hotel provides affordable accommodation with an average nightly rate of ₦5,500. It boasts a rating of 3.5 from guest reviews.

3. Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort

Find this resort at 1 Osborn Avenue, Off Kpirikpiri Road. While it offers a luxurious experience, it comes with an average nightly rate of ₦15,000.

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4. Adonai Exclusive Garden

Located at 1 Ogoja Road, Adonai Exclusive Garden offers a pleasant stay at an average nightly rate of ₦3,000. Guests have rated it 5.8 for its quality.

5. San Diego Hotels Ltd

Situated at 96A, Old Enugu Road, Kpiri Kpiri, San Diego Hotels Ltd provides quality lodging at a competitive price.

6. De Crown Garden Resort Hotels

Find this hotel at 18 Afikpo Road and enjoy an affordable stay with an average nightly rate of ₦3,200. Guests have rated it 5.2 based on their experiences.

7. Salt Spring Resort (Nanet Group)

Located at KM 50, Old Enugu Road, this resort offers a pleasant stay at an average nightly rate of ₦8,000, with a rating of 4.1.

8. People Resort Hotel & Suites

Situated at Km 2 Enugu/Abakaliki Express Way, this hotel provides comfortable accommodation at an average nightly rate of ₦3,000, with a rating of 5.6.

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9. Salt Lake Hotel

While the price is unknown, Salt Lake Hotel offers a convenient location at 35 Ofianwali Street.

10. Mayor Palace Hotel

Located at 21 New Market Road, Mayor Palace Hotel offers affordable lodging with an average nightly rate of ₦1,785.

11. Grand Luxury Hotel

Located at 15 Okpa Eho, Grand Luxury Hotel offers a comfortable stay with a touch of luxury. While the exact price may vary, it provides an excellent option for those seeking upscale accommodation.

12. Rock View Hotel

Situated at 2 Old Afikpo Road, Rock View Hotel is a well-regarded choice among travelers. Enjoy a pleasant stay at competitive rates and explore the local attractions.

13. Royal Palace Hotel

Find this hotel at 18 Udemezue Street, Abakaliki. With a serene atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s an excellent choice for travelers looking for value for money.

14. Hilltop Hotel

Located at 10 Ossah Street, Hilltop Hotel offers a comfortable and convenient stay. Check out their competitive rates for an enjoyable experience.

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15. Regal Suites Hotel

Situated at 56 Awgu Street, Abakaliki, Regal Suites Hotel provides modern amenities and comfortable lodging. Explore the city from this convenient location.

16. Benfranklin Hotel and Suites

Find this hotel at 2 Ezza Road, Abakaliki. It offers a blend of comfort and affordability, making it an attractive choice for travelers.

17. Oakland Hotel and Suites

Located at 1 Ngozika Estate, off Afikpo Road, Oakland Hotel and Suites is a reputable option for those seeking a pleasant stay.

18. Citizen Suites Hotel

Situated at 18 Ezza Road, Abakaliki, Citizen Suites Hotel offers clean and well-maintained rooms for travelers on a budget.

19. Eagle Island Hotel

Find this hotel at 1 Ngodo Road, Abakaliki. Enjoy a relaxing stay and explore the city’s cultural and natural attractions.

20. Tropicana Suites

Located at 37 Awgu Street, Abakaliki, Tropicana Suites offers affordable accommodation with modern amenities.

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