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Lagos to Ghana by Road: Bus Prices & Other Details

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Planning a trip from Nigeria to Ghana? Look no further for all the essential information you need for a smooth and enjoyable journey. From cultural similarities to various means of transportation, this guide will focus on the road travel aspect, providing you with up-to-date details on bus prices, terminals, and key considerations for a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose Ghana?

Nigeria and Ghana share rich cultural ties, making Ghana a favorite destination for many Nigerians. Whether you’re traveling for vacation, business, or official purposes, meticulous planning is crucial. This guide aims to help you navigate the intricacies of road travel, ensuring you cross every T and dot every I.

Bus Prices from Lagos to Ghana

When it comes to road travel, understanding the fluctuating prices of bus tickets is essential. Similar to flight tickets, bus fares vary based on factors like fuel prices, demand, and the time of travel. Prices may surge during festive periods and vacations due to increased demand. However, some circumstances, unlike flight tickets, might affect the ticket prices.

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In this section, we’ll explore popular road transport companies providing services from Lagos to Ghana, detailing their prices and terminals.

ABC Transport ABC Transport, renowned for its reliability, operates daily buses on the Nigeria-Ghana route. The main terminal is at Plot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC Bypass, Lagos. Prices for the journey start from N53,000.

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CHISCO Transport With a terminal at Jibowu International Terminal, Jibowu, Yaba, CHISCO Transport offers comfort at a cost starting from N61,750 for the road trip to Ghana.

God is Good Transport Known for comfort, reliability, and safety, God is Good Transport operates from Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos. The fare to Ghana begins at N64,500.

Cross Country A popular inter-country road transport company, Cross Country, offers a delightful trip from Nigeria to Ghana starting at N53,000. The terminal is also located at Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos.

GUO Transport Another reliable option for road travel to Ghana, GUO Transport, offers tickets starting from N55,000. The terminal is situated at Alafia, Lagos.

  • ABC Transport: N53,000
  • CHISCO Transport: N61,750
  • God is Good Transport: N64,500
  • Cross Country: N53,000
  • GUO Transport: N55,000
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Remember that benefits and packages offered by each company may vary, so it’s crucial to consider these factors along with your budget and the proximity of terminals to your location.


As you plan your road trip from Lagos to Ghana, use this comprehensive guide to make informed decisions on transportation. Stay updated on prices, choose a reliable transport company, and consider the additional perks offered to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Safe travels!

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