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Makeup Artistry and Beauty Blogging are true forms of art, and the makeup artist beauty travel bloggers in Dubai are celebrated for their exceptional talents.

With the burgeoning number of makeup artists in Dubai, it’s quite the challenge to select the best one to go with, isn’t it?

Well, we’re here once again, ready to provide you with a rundown of the crème de la crème among makeup artists and travel bloggers in Dubai.

These remarkable individuals are renowned for their impeccable work, their artistry, and their skillful presentation to the world.

If you’re keen on staying in the loop regarding the latest makeup trends and techniques, here’s a list of makeup aficionados who play a pivotal role in the beauty industry.

They’re here to help individuals embrace their beauty with utmost finesse. Let’s delve right in!

1. Befrenshee

Befrenshee, a popular French makeup maestro, currently resides in the heart of Dubai.

She has garnered a massive following on social media, captivating audiences with her glamorous makeup looks and insightful tutorials.

Her passion for enhancing beauty harmonizes flawlessly with her gift of making everyone feel cherished and beautiful.

With her impressive social media presence and glowing client testimonials, Befrenshee is truly a global sensation.

Her abundant talent, extensive clientele, and immense popularity testify to her prowess in the realms of makeup, beauty, and glamour.

If you’re aspiring to experience the magic of Befrenshee’s touch, connect with her via her social media platforms.

2. Miss Mulberry

Miss Mulberry, the renowned beauty and travel blogger, is a name worth exploring.

Her website brims with captivating fashion and lifestyle content, showcasing her expertise not only in makeup and beauty but also in the realm of fashion.

Miss Mulberry is a true embodiment of versatility.

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, she’s graced numerous online publications and magazines.

If you’re seeking the ultimate authority on makeup and the latest fashion trends, Miss Mulberry is the one to follow.

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Her personal anecdotes are bound to keep you engaged and entertained.

Stay updated on makeup trends, fashion statements, and much more by following the makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai, Miss Mulberry.

3. Najla Gun

Next up is the unstoppable force of makeup artistry, Najla Gun. Collaborating with powerhouse brands like Sephora, Dior, and L’Oreal, her credibility speaks volumes.

Najla Gun is dedicated to sharing top-notch makeup tips, tricks, and tutorials, setting her apart from the rest.

What sets Najla Gun apart is her ability to simplify complex techniques for her fans. Her relatable approach makes embracing makeup a breeze.

Enthusiasts can effortlessly follow Najla Gun on her social media handles to delve deeper into her world of makeup mastery.

4. Huda Kattan

Who isn’t acquainted with the iconic beauty brand, Huda Beauty?

Huda Kattan, the brain behind this renowned brand, has captivated millions with her makeup hacks and tutorials. With an impressive following of over eighteen million, she reigns as the beauty and makeup queen.

If you haven’t sampled the wonders of Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks, setting sprays, highlighters, or palettes, it’s time to give them a shot.

Huda’s influence extends beyond products her 2018 show that reveals the behind-the-scenes beauty world adds an extra layer to her persona.

5. Sondos Alqattan

Another luminary in Dubai’s makeup scene is Sondos Alqattan.

With fifteen years of industry experience, she’s collaborated with industry giants and left an indelible mark. Her appearances in magazines and on the web offer a wealth of tutorials for eager learners.

Sondos’ blog, “the beauty lookbook,” is a treasure trove of fashion and lifestyle inspiration from global celebrities and designers. With 150k YouTube subscribers, she’s a makeup powerhouse that’s here to stay.

What Sondos Alqattan’s work underscores is that beauty is within reach for all, with just a little effort and time.

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6. Aliya Fatima

Enter Aliya Fatima, a remarkable Dubai-based makeup artist with a staggering two million Instagram followers. Her social media is a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and makeup insights. Among her most cherished videos is a five-minute mermaid look tutorial.

To uncover the secrets behind Aliya’s effortless artistry, explore her vibrant social media profiles.

Don’t forget to take a cue from her favorite beauty products, the Catrice Camouflage Concealer, and the Nyx Cosmetics Shade + Light Contour Palette.

Follow Aliya for insightful makeup reviews and step-by-step learning that fulfills your beauty desires.

7. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar, a celebrated beauty blogger and avid traveler, boasts a decade of experience in the field.

Her blogs are a go-to for travel advice, beauty tips, and insightful product reviews. On her YouTube channel, she shares tutorials on everything from hair braiding to contouring.

Diana’s meticulous approach ensures her readers grasp each step thoroughly, eliminating guesswork. For makeup enthusiasts eager to master the art, Diana Chipar is your trusted guide.

Follow Diana for valuable advice, as her commitment not only educates but also leaves a lasting impression.

8. Judy Poulos

With over ten years in the makeup industry, Judy Poulos is a seasoned expert. Her history of collaboration with professionals is a testament to her skill.

Magazines and online publications have showcased her talent, earning her a well-deserved reputation.

Judy’s unique approach involves applying makeup to herself and sharing the process on social media. Her blog and posts reflect honesty, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

Her distinct makeup style mirrors her cultural roots, offering a refreshing perspective. Follow Judy for captivating makeup tutorials that push boundaries.

9. The Tezzy Files

Meet The Tezzy Files, a makeup artist with a warm and fuzzy touch. Embracing makeup as both a passion and a means to educate, she’s an Indian gem thriving alongside her husband in Dubai. Her platforms offer insights into both fashion and style.

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The Tezzy Files strikes a delightful balance between entertainment and education, ensuring her fans enjoy every bit of learning. With years in the industry, Tezzy’s techniques resonate effortlessly.

For a deeper dive into The Tezzy Files’ world, connect with her on social media and explore her impressive skills.

10. Caren William

Caren William, a beauty travel blogger and YouTuber, stands tall with collaborations with industry giants like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. Her unique makeup looks and style have earned her a notable following on Instagram.

Caren’s ability to ignite creativity in everyone she touches is a true testimony to her artistry. Her international tutorials have gained immense popularity.

As one of Dubai’s leading makeup artists, she offers global trends and travel tips tailored to women.

Following Caren on Instagram promises a wealth of insights for budding artists.

11. Mohommad Hindash

Dubai-based makeup artist Mohommad Hindash is revered for his artistic marvels in makeup. His flawless suggestions and opinions on makeup and beauty

products leave his fans in awe. The Hindash X Wow eyeliner, his signature creation, enjoys a soaring demand.

Applying Mohommad Hindash’s makeup hacks and beauty tricks guarantees a transformative experience. Ready to create a masterpiece? Follow his footsteps for creative and stylish makeup insights.

Follow Mohommad Hindash for an immersion in basic and chic makeup hacks.

12. Mona Kattan

Last but certainly not least is Mona Kattan, the global president and co-founder of Huda Beauty. Alongside her sisters Huda and Alya, she’s orchestrated the phenomenal success of their brand.

Mona’s deep passion for fashion, makeup, beauty, and lifestyle radiates through her work.

Her role in propelling Huda Beauty’s success is undeniable. A dynamic entrepreneur and an acclaimed makeup artist, Mona’s influence spans the entire makeup landscape.

To explore her world and the brand’s journey, connect with her on social media and embrace the artistry she brings to life.

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