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Smoke Making Machine Prices in Nigeria

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If you’ve ever attended a lively concert, wedding reception, or party in Nigeria, chances are you’ve been captivated by the mesmerizing effects of a smoke machine. These devices, also known as fog generators or fog machines, add a touch of enchantment to any event. In the past, acquiring a smoke machine might have seemed like a costly venture, but today, there are more affordable options available for personal use. Let’s dive into the world of smoke machines and explore their prices in Nigeria.

Exploring Smoke Machine Prices in Nigeria

Nigeria, known for its love of entertainment and vibrant party culture, offers a variety of smoke machines catering to different preferences. Here’s a glimpse into the cost range based on our research from both online and offline stores:

  1. High-Quality Best Selling Making Effect Maker Wedding Party Romantic Events Smoke Machine – N10,000 – N17,000
    • Power: 500W
    • Dimensions: 251417cm
    • Tank Capacity: 0.25L
    • Smoke Output: 3000 CUFL/min
    • Output Distance: 2.5m
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  2. China best smoke making 2CH fogging haze machine 600w smoking maker with smooth and thinner smoke – N195,000 – N220,000
    • Power: 600W
    • Smoke Output: 3000 CUFT/Min
    • Control Mode: LCD display manual/timing controller/dmx 512
    • Oil Tank Capacity: 3.6L
    • Fuse: 5A
  3. High power 3500w low lying dry ice fog machine stage effect low smoke dry ice making fog machine – N168,000 – N185,000
    • Power: 3500W
    • Tank Capacity: 10L (up to waterline)
    • Dry Ice Capacity: 3kg
    • Electron Temperature Control: 70°C-85°C
    • Effects: Low lying fog effect
    • Coverage: 250 square meters
  4. High Power 6000w Large Stage Grand Low Lying Dry Ice Smoke Machine Dry Ice Fog Machine Dry Ice Machine For Wedding Décor – N299,500 – N320,000
    • Power: 6000W
    • Tank Capacity: 10L (up to waterline)
    • Dry Ice Capacity: 12kg
    • Electron Temperature Control: 70°C-85°C
    • Effects: Low lying fog effect
    • Coverage: 250 square meters
  5. 100% Output Low Price 6000w Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine Stage Fogger Portable Smoke Machine – N300,000 – N330,000
    • Power: 3500W
    • Tank Capacity: 19L (up to waterline)
    • Heat-up Time: 15min
    • Average Runtime: 2.5min
    • Coverage: 250 square meters
    • Control Mode: Electronic temperature control
  6. Big smoke stage/wedding/party equipment low lying fog machine 3500w dry ice smoke machine for dance concert – N163,000 – N176,500
    • Power: 3500W
    • Heating Time: 10 minutes
    • Working Water: 10L
    • Maximum Continuous Output: 5~6 minutes
    • Maximum Output Coverage: 25
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Whether you’re planning a wedding, concert, or a lively party, these smoke machines offer a range of options to suit your needs. From the budget-friendly High-Quality Best Selling Maker to the powerful High Power 6000w Grand Smoke Machine, there’s a choice for every occasion. Bring an enchanting atmosphere to your events with these affordable and high-quality smoke machines, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Explore the magic of fog and make your celebrations unforgettable.

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