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Black Female Travel Bloggers

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Are you in search of the most influential black travel bloggers who have made their mark on a global scale?

Look no further. In a world where travel narratives have often lacked diversity, these remarkable individuals have shattered barriers, opened doors, and brought their unique perspectives to the forefront of the travel industry.

Their journeys are not just about exploring new destinations; they are about breaking stereotypes, fostering inclusivity, and encouraging others, especially black women, to embark on their own adventures.

These black travel bloggers have not only traversed the globe but have also shared their stories, experiences, and valuable insights, enriching the travel community with diverse voices.

From solo adventurers to family travelers, from luxury seekers to budget-conscious explorers, their blogs cover a wide range of travel niches.

Join us on a journey to discover these inspiring bloggers who are transforming the landscape of travel writing and advocating for a more inclusive and representative travel world.

1. Oneika (Oneika The Traveller)

Oneika, a seasoned black female travel blogger, embarked on her journey in 2009 when there were very few women of color in the travel blogging community.

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With an unapologetic voice, she shares her experiences while addressing the lack of diversity in the field.

Having lived in various countries, including Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Canada, and the US, she has become a prominent figure in the travel industry.

Oneika also hosts Travel Channel’s “One Bag and You’re Out” and “Big City, Little Budget,” inspiring black women to explore the world.

2. Francesca (One Girl One World)

Based in Los Angeles, Francesca’s travel blog offers a wealth of travel tips alongside beauty recommendations tailored to black women, including advice on haircare and skincare.

She is also a journalist and the author of a Martinique travel guide, showcasing her versatility in the travel industry.

3. Ciara (Hey Ciara)

Ciara’s journey into travel blogging began after leaving her corporate Human Resources job and embarking on a solo travel adventure.

Her blog not only provides valuable tips and advice for solo female travelers, such as safety and photography, but also shares captivating travel stories.

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Her experiences inspire others to take the leap into solo travel.

4. Olivia (O.Christine)

Olivia’s story is one of resilience, as she continues to explore the world while living with lupus.

Her blog offers travel itineraries, remote work tips, and wellness advice.

She has a passion for outdoor travel and remains an avid traveler despite her health challenges.

5. Nadeen (The Sophisticated Life)

Nadeen, a travel blogger and physician, combines her love for travel with her medical expertise.

Her blog covers travel, food, wine, culture, and art, offering valuable insights into affordable luxury travel.

Nadeen has authored several travel guides and has appeared on CNN as a medical expert.

6. Monet (The Traveling Child)

Monet, along with her family James, Jordyn, and Kennedy, operates a family travel blog from Miami. Recognizing the absence of family travel blogs led by black individuals, they share tips on affordable travel and itineraries to simplify the planning process.

7. Eulanda & Omo (Hey Dip Your Toes In)

This dynamic couple travel blog is run by Eulanda and Omo, based in London. Their blog not only provides travel tips but also delves into food, lifestyle, and culture. They have earned awards and recognition for their work, including speaking engagements at conferences.

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8. Ashlee (Will Drink for Travel)

Ashlee’s blog is a delightful blend of travel and mixology, showcasing her love for both exploration and discovering new cocktails around the world. She shares recommendations on what to do, where to eat, and the best places for cocktails in various cities and countries.

9. Lauren (Outdoorsy Diva)

Lauren’s outdoor travel blog is on a mission to challenge stereotypes by showcasing that black people are passionate about outdoor adventures such as hiking, skydiving, canoeing, camping, fishing, and backpacking.

She shares her personal experiences, including unique activities like sleeping in a treehouse and visiting nudist camps.

10. Tomiko (Passports and Grub)

Tomiko’s luxury travel blog is a hub for the latest trends in luxury travel and gastronomy.

She offers insights into the finest dining establishments worldwide and shares tips for couples and families looking to indulge in luxurious travel experiences.

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